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Custom Ribbon in Outlook VSTO goes 'missing' if not in VSTO project's root?
Category : Programming Languages

I have a bare bones VSTO Outlook Add-in. I've added an empty Ribbon via this article and it works.

The Ribbon.cs and the Ribbon.xml files currently reside in my project's root but if I move them to a sub folder (say AddInRibbon) there are no compile errors but when I run Outlook the addin's ribbon is missing. Playing around with it, it appear

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Installing VSTO 4.0 Causes VSTO 3.0 Addin to quit working
Category : Web Design

I just installed Visual Studio 2010 yesterday. As part of that I installed VSTO 4.0. Now when I run any Office application, my VSTO 3.0 addins fail to load. The error in the event log is

Customization URI: file:///H:/PathToMyAddin/MyAddin.vsto
Exception: Customization does not have the permissions required to create an application domain.


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Saving Non-VSTO copy of VSTO Workbook
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to save a ListObject from a .NET 3.5 Excel 2007 VSTO Workbook to a new sheet (done) and save that new sheet to a new workbook (done) without that workbook requiring the VSTO customization file (!!!!!).

Has anyone had any luck with this? The only way I've had any success is just saving as a CSV file but that's not exactly acceptable in this case. I'd rather not save t

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Category : Databases

Is it possible to use any other DBMS that is not Microsoft Access to VSTO, I would like to use mongodb. Do you see any advantage?


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How to use Dotfuscator with VSTO?
Category : Programming Languages

Right now, I use Dotfuscator in my all c# programs,but ,if I use it in VSTO, when I try to deploy in target computer, VSTO always prompt me: "File has a different computed hash than specified in manifest"

My question is, How to use Dotfuscator with VSTO in right way?

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Is it possible to get an int from Range.Value in VSTO?
Category : Programming Languages

I have a VSTO addin and I'm reading data from an Excel worksheet.

It seems that almost all numeric data is read as a double. Is it ever possible to get an int value from Range.Value?

Here is some code to demonstrate what I mean.

Worksheet w = (Worksheet)Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets["Sheet1"]

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How to Convert VBA to VSTO
Category : Computers
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) offers many advantages over Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) when customizing your Microsoft Office products. For example, VSTO offers an improved security model and superior debugging and development tools. VBA code is supported in VSTO, which means that converting your VBA code isn't mandatory to begin using VSTO to manage your applications. How

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New version of VSTO after 4.0
Category : Web Design

Do you know something about future of VSTO for new Office 2012?
Are there some rumours of what the new VSTO can offer and whether the VSTO is not a dead end?

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InvalidCastException in VSTO add-in
Category : Programming Languages

I'm experiencing a bit weird problem with VSTO Outlook add-in I'm developing. It works fine on a bunch of machines but in one it throws an InvalidCastException and cannot find the reason why. I've checked that all prerequisites are installed on this machine (the installer doest it by itself but I also checked that manually) and everything seems to be exactly like on other machines.

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mix of asp.net and VSTO project
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I have a web site using asp.net mvc4, and a VSTO automation (client side) that need to update and get some data from my web site.

Actually I'm trying to use HttpWebRequest object to perform the dialog. between VSTO and web.

For now I'm thinking on return some jSon objects from web to VSTO. But how can I do to send from VSTO to web ?

Is better approach sen

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