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On iOS, if a view controller has no view yet, why does NSLog(@“self.view is %p”, self.view) crash?
by Stuka in Mobile Programming

If a new iOS project is created with an Empty App template in Xcode 4.3.2, and in AppDelegate.m:

self.window.rootViewController = [[FooViewController alloc] init];

and in FooViewController's viewDidLoad, the following:

NSLog(@"self.view is %p", self.view);
NSLog(@"self.view is %@", self.view);

Cocoa Core Data and Tab View - How do I tell when Tab View is finished “loading” so I can tell the view to initialize itself?
by George in Development Tools & Services

I have a simple Core Data app I am building to try to understand Core Data. It has two entities: a weather station, and a collection of observations for a given station.

I created the initial interface for this by putting a tab view on my window, selecting the first tab, and dragging the weather station entity onto that view; then selecting the second tab and dragging the observatio

Best way to change the color/view of disclosure indicator accessory view in a table view cell in iPhone
by Boyer C. in Mobile Programming

I need to change the color of disclosureIndicatorView accessory in the tableView cell.
I think there are two way to get this done. But not able to figure out which onez the optimum. So here is what I think I can do.

There is a property of tableViewCell - accessoryView. So I can use setAccessoryView:(UIView *)view and pass view as the imageView holding the image that I want.

call current controller action within button click from partial view in MVC3 view razor view engine
by yhelothar in Programming Languages

I have a view with including partial view (Partial view from different controller that call @{ Html.RenderAction("DebitHeadConfigure", "HeadDisplayConfigure");}) now i need a action against Button click which button come from partial view

Note : Currently if i use submit type button then it call my main controller action

i want make my view transparent so that form present view the previous view should me slightly visible
by Oli in Mobile Programming

i want make my view transparent show the the previous view will slightly visible,i tried something below but it is not working , i am using interface builder to create view,please help me out.

@implementation CylinderBoresTotal
(void)viewDidLoad {
[super viewDidLoad];
self.view.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];
self.view.alpha = 0.2;

Custom View not drawing, the view eight is zero even when the view is added with layout params with constant values
by Mcad in Programming Languages

I have a simple custom view that I am adding to a layout programmitically. The view does not draw. Values from onMeasure and onLayout suggest that the view is not drawing because it doesn't have a height. I tried applying the view with constants for layout params, but that didn't fix the problem. I tried setting different combintations of layout params, overriding onMeasure, onDraw, onLayou

For Iphone how to reference root view controller from currently loaded view, so view can be replaced/switched
by zz64 in Programming Languages

I'm trying to switch a currently loaded view with a new one.

I have 3 xib files and 3 sets of ViewControllerFiles.

RootViewController loads correctly, and correctly loads HomeViewController.

The line that errors currently is this

[self.rootViewController.view insertSubview:gameController.view atIndex:1];
**error: request for member 'view'

how to animate transition from one view to another when using data templates to associate view with view-model
by EvilNodZ in Development Tools & Services

i will post my source code i have at the moment and explain my problem after that.

this is the window where i want the transition to happen

<Window x:Class="MyApp.MainView"
Title="MyApp" Height="600" Width="800">

iPad After drill down in Split View's Master View, Detail View will not load
by Paul McKee in Mobile Programming

completely new to coding other than html.
I have an iPad app based on the MultiDetailsView/SplitView sample in Xcode.
I have a master view that drills down and loads new detail views, both at the same time when needed.
But when I do drill down the lower views will not load their new detail views.
If I change the master 'RootViewController' in the Main nib to any of my other

iPad Split View Controller - Master View and Detial View contain TableViews
by Jonathan in Mobile Programming

I've managed to read some values into a table view and display them in the Master View of a SplitViewController.

What I would like to do is to tap on a row of the Master View and display the details on the detailViewController but in a TableView.

When I tap on the row in the MasterView table, I can't seem to get the detail to populate the detailview TableView.

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