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Crystal Report Viewer (web viewer) doesn't display drill down in Internet Explorer
by Gunbuster in Programming Languages

I have an application with crystal reports which I've just noticed has a fairly large issue. The treeview/drill-down menu on the left will not display in Internet Explorer, however it does work with other browsers (chrome/firefox/etc.). I've never used CR before (these are actually inherited, I haven't touched them), but I'm guessing it's an IE option that's not set some where. Any idea how

RHEL6 server - fonts garbled on jsp viewer but perfect on exports (from same viewer) if fonts added to java font dir, else null pointer exception
by Pepe Araya in Java

Here's an odd one. So I've been running this on a mac so far and all's been well (the server that is, the designer is on Windows obviously). Have just deployed to a linux box (Red Hat) and initially the pdf export had a null pointer exception on OpenTypeFontManager. This suggested it couldn't find the font, so I copied the relevant ttfs to $JAVA_HOME/lib/fonts and the pdf worked perfectly. The

Looking for a web pdf viewer, not the google document viewer
by Josh Freed in Programming Languages

I would love to use google document viewer, but I am dealing with sensitive documents and google's Terms state that if you use their service the document basically becomes public domain.

Are they any alternatives that will keep your content private?

Also it would be best if there was the ability to disable printing and downloading.

FYI: I am developing with r

How to email Rendered Report in diffrent formats like pdf,excel,word in Report Viewer in Local Mode and Modify Tool bar of Report Viewer
by camt in Programming Languages

I have an issue related with Report viewer control Version=
i am showing SSRS Report(.rdl) file on report viewer in Local Mode.
I have following problems in Find Control of report viewer,

When I search any text in rendered report and if text found but my report shift to upside and to click on find next
user have to scroll again and again.

After Las

ASP.Net SSRS Report Viewer 9.0 and Report Viewer 10.0 Side-By-Side
by SperglordActual in Coding

We are rolling out a large deployment of SQL Server Reporting Services Reports and our platform is SQL Server 2005 so our Report Server is version 2005 running in Native mode. Our web application uses server reports rendered in the Report Viewer 9.0 control. We want to be able to use local reports based on the 2008 RDL spec to create some dashboard applications. We also would like to use the ne

PDF viewer on the .net
by Trevor Dickson in Programming Languages

I have many pdf files in my project so I need it available to view for any client so I tried to give it as link in JS and it's worked but when I tried with a machine doesn't have the adobe PDF Reader it gives it as a link to download so any body can help me by giving me a free tool,library,JQuery,JScriipt,ActiveX...etc just for viewing PDF not for editing that worked on both firefox and IE8???<

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How to Use VNC Viewer 4
by msmy300z in Computers
Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a client/server application that allows desktop sharing through a graphical interface. The VNC Viewer 4 is the client application that allows the user to connect to a VNC Server-enabled computer. Once connected, the VNC Viewer user may interact with the VNC Server computer as if sitting in front of the machine. The VNC Viewer is very easy to use and a free versio
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by turret in Programming Languages

I am looking for a asp.net control to load pdf in browser. It should allow to control number of pages to show to user, and also it should able to do some bookmark stuff like when user click on a button, then i could get the page number of viewer and save it, and then next time reload the pdf from that page number.

Many Thanks for help.

Best Regards,

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What Is a VNC Viewer?
by pulkizine in Computers
Virtual Network Computing (VNC) allows users to share the desktop of a remote computer. VNC software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and most other operating systems. There is also VNC software available for smart phones and personal data assistants. VNC DefinedVNC is a software application that allows a user to control a remote computer (server) on a local machine (client). The client s
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How to Use VNC Viewer
by Bas in Computers
Virtual Network Computing (VNC) allows you to share the desktop of a remote computer over the Internet. The client's keyboard and mouse input control the actions of the server. The server provides the graphical desktop to the client. VNC Viewer is the software that must be installed on the client's computer in order to connect to the VNC server. VNC Viewer is available for both Linux and Windows a
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