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Create View for ViewModel post returns ViewModel with empty foreign key properties
by boomhower in Programming Languages

I am developing a web application in ASP.NET MVC3 (my first) mean to track data processing steps for the engineering firm where I work.

Below are some of the domain models:


Partial Public MustInherit Class Dataset
Public Property DatasetID As System.Guid
Public Property Name As String
Public Overridable Property ProcessD

MVC pass viewmodel view with viewmodel containing parent values and child list
by Mario Tristan in Programming Languages

My application has multiple areas within one facility. I am trying to pass a single model to the view that contains facility values (facility_id, facility_name), and a list of areas. I currently have the list of areas as a type of the entity model for the table (area_list).

My viewmodel is as follows:

public class AreaView
public string facility_n

Choosing between bound ViewModel properties or messaging to communicate between ViewModel and View using the MVVM Light Toolkit
by the vk in Development Tools & Services

I'm using MVVM Light toolkit (which I love). I currently have messaging in place for some interaction originating from the ViewModel and intended for consumption by the View. Typically these types of messages indicate the View should do something like hide itself, show a confirmation message that data was saved, etc.

This works. In the constructor for the View, I register with th

How to save data from a DetailView bound to a ViewModel if the repository is a no-go in a viewmodel?
by dfuze in Development Tools & Services

we mvvm lovers all know Josh Smith mvvm sample and how he has saved the customer in the detail customer view by injecting the repository object into the customerViewModel`s constructor.

But a viewmodel should not know about repositories. Its just a model of a view nothing must being aware of persistence etc...

How can I register my Action delegate SaveDocumentDelegate on

knockout.js access viewModel in javascript function outside viewModel's scope
by tl1000sv in Javascript

I'm wondering if I can access the knockout.js main viewModel from a method outside the scope of the viewModel itself. Take this example:

function Employee(data) {
var self = this;
ko.mapping.fromJS(data, {}, this);
function EmployeeViewModel() {
var self = this;
this.employees = ko.observableArray([]);
this.loadEmployees = function()

Phoenix MVVM Framework - I need help understanding how to call a viewmodel from a viewmodel
by Veliko in Development Tools & Services

Here is the documentation: http://phoenixdocs.ginnivan.net/docs/ViewModels.html

In the "from the view model" section I need to know what they want for: c, c.MyAction, and someVariable. I don't see where they explain what these things are supposed to be.

I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say.

How to initialize a Knockout viewmodel when initial viewmodel load is empty
by mikieb in Web Design

I am using Knockout to implement a course list selection tool. I am using the approach below to populate the data (MVC3/Razor), so that when the viewmodel is initially populated, I have no issues working with each KO array (i.e. CourseList, ScheduleList). However, when the initial load from the server returns zero rows, meaning that the viewmodel 'ScheduleList' property is empty, then it's not

RelayCommand in ViewModel: invocation does not have access to bound UI data in ViewModel
by matt.s in Mobile Programming

I'm implementing a basic search text box->button, but I also want to have the user be able to hit the Enter/Return key on the keyboard/pad, as per How to enable enter button on keyboard on wp7?

When the RelayCommand gets invoked, I just get a null value for the contents of the search text box.

I'm using MVVM Light.

I have a PhoneApplicationPage that is bound

MVC ViewModel > JS ViewModel - Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token &
by Bado in Programming Languages

I have a js error "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token &" when I try to pass my serverside viewmodel in a clientside viewmodel (for knockout.js)


public class InvoiceViewModel
public Factuur Factuur { get; set; }
public List<Factuurlijn> Factuurlijnen { get; set; }



how to perform communication between container ViewModel and and contained ViewModel?
by Venezuela in Programming Languages

Please consider the following code

class VMContainer:INotifyPropertyChanged
Type t;
VMContained contained;
public Type T
return this.t;
this.t = value;

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