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anyway see why I get this “Concurrency Violation” in these few lines of code??? Concurrency violation: the UpdateCommand affected 0 of the
by amosk in Programming Languages

Here is the code, any ideas why I get this error?

private SQLiteDataAdapter DA_Webfiles;
// Setup connection, fill dataset etc
DataTable dt = this.dataSet.Tables["WEBFILES"];
DataRow newRow = dt.NewRow();
newRow["PATH"] = _url;
this.DA_Webfiles.Update(this.dataSet, "WEBFILES");
// Works to Here
newRow["CONTENT_TYPE"] =

OS handling of memory acces violation vs. handling of memory write violation
by bash in Programming Languages

Is it possible, and under what conditions, will the Linux kernel end execution of a program due to a memory write violation, but not due to a memory access violation over the same memory location.


//x is a pointer to a vector of structs
if( (*x)[i].member )
break; //doesn't crash
if( (*x)[i].member )
(*x)[i].member = 1

What Is a Key Violation?
by Kiltec in Computers
Microsoft Access is a software program designed to allow users to report, track and share data through databases. A key violation is a type of error message that can occur while using this software, usually the result of one of two reasons. Referential IntegrityReferential integrity is defined by Microsoft as "rules that you follow to preserve the defined relationships between tables when you a
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What Is a PFA Violation?
by Tom Arleth in Legal
A protection from abuse, or PFA, is a document issued by a judge that protects against abuse from current or former spouses, roommates, partners or stalkers. When someone violates the terms of a PFA, they face mandatory penalties that can include jail time. Relief ProvidedThe court can offer relief in various forms, including concealing addresses from the public, granting temporary custody of c
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What Is a Copyright Violation?
by n3. in Legal
A copyright violation occurs when an individual disregards the exclusive rights of a copyright holder through the unapproved copying or use of the author's creative work. This violation is known as "infringement." Proving InfringementProving infringement is accomplished by demonstrating that the accused infringer had access to the work and that his work is substantially similar (or the same) a

What Is a Moving Violation?
by tobybot in Cars
When police lights flash behind your moving vehicle, it is time to stop and wait for the officer to tell you why you were pulled over. Let's say the officer informs you that radar registered your car speeding. You realize you are likely to get a traffic ticket. That's a moving violation. What is a Moving Violation?A moving violation is defined as any traffic offense committed while the vehicle

Identifying violation of GPL
by Traveling around the world in Web Design

From time to time, I encounter an article about how a company (eg:Skype) has violated GPL, but I've always wondered ¿how can one tell if a certain software is a modified version of a GPL one?
¿Which techniques are used to reverse engineer said software?

Isn't this violation of encapsulation
by boomerang in Programming Languages
class X
void protectedFunction() { cout << "i am protected" ; }
class Y : public X
using X::protectedFunction;
int main()
Y y1;

This way i am able to expose one of the function of base class. Doesnt this violate the encapsul

Is this a violation of EJB restrictions?
by Progdis in Programming Languages

I've read the the restrictions for EJBs and several answers here on stackoverflow but I'm not quite sure about a snippet of code, which I found at work.

There's a service which provides detailed information about Foos depending on their identifier.

public FooResponse getFoo(FooRequest request){...};

Somewhere under the surface is a self written po

Log Permission Violation
by mikeymikec in Programming Languages

I'm currently implementing a WCF service with role based security. Now I'm facing the problem that I must log security violations with a logger like Log4Net.

Does anyone know how I can log access violations for methods that are protected like the following?

[PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Role = "GetData")]
public string GetData(int value)


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