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How to decorate VirtualizingStackPanel
by Mytime34 in Development Tools & Services

Is there a simple way to decorate VirtualizingStackPanel? If I put VirtualizingStackPanel directly in ScrollViewer, virtualization will work. My goal is to override the Decorator.OnRender() method and draw some geometry behind a Panel.

<ControlTemplate x:Key="MyControlTemplate"&g

How to measure VirtualizingStackPanel performance
by bikefixxer in Web Design

I want to measure the VirtualizingStackPanel's performance. Following are the steps which i am using.

Create 1000 items, without virtualization the UI will freeze which is really simple.
I can use Snoop to show that it loads only items which are visible

Now i want to prove that when i scroll, it loads other few items only. Is there any event which i can

How disable VirtualizingStackPanel in LongListSelector?
by goffi in Mobile Programming

i want disable VirtualizingStackPanel in LongListSelector.
I try this:


but doesn't work (app crashes)...


How does the Silverlight 3 VirtualizingStackPanel work?
by Rob Archer in Programming Languages

What are the actual conditions that make the Silverlight 3 VirtualizingStackPanel virtualise its content?

For example is it only when elements are off screen regardless of what container it is in or does the VirtualizingStackPanel have to be in a ScrollViewer before it starts applying the virtualisation?

I ask this because the MSDN documentation does not give much inform

ItemsControl, VirtualizingStackPanel and ScrollViewer height
by Dirigible in Development Tools & Services

I want to display a important list of items using an ItemsControl.

The reason why I'm using an ItemsControl is that the DataTemplate is much more complex in the application I'm working on: The sample code provided only reflects the sizing problem I have.

I would like :

the ItemsControl to be virtualized because there is many items to display

its size to

ListBox, VirtualizingStackPanel, and Smooth Scrolling in WPF
by Neil Redfern in Network & Servers

I have a ListBox that may have many rows of templated DB records, including an Image, bound to an ObservableCollection<MyItem>. Sometimes the collection could hold thousands of items.

The performance is great, but the scrolling is the default jumpy behavior. I would like it to have smooth scrolling, so I unchecked ScrollViewer.Can

Get VirtualizingStackPanel non-realized item index
by GregoryWE in Programming Languages

Is it possible to get the index of an item in a WPF VirtualizingStackPanel that hasn't been realized without directly querying the ItemsControl's data source? The only thing I can think of is to use the ItemContainerGenerator but I haven't found anything that returns an index for an item.

I'm essentially trying to determine if a specific item is listed before or after the current v

Scroll a ListBox's VirtualizingStackPanel with buttons
by Yserbius in Programming Languages

I have a Listbox displaying 5 items at a time, horizontally. I want to implement a 'Previous' and 'Next' button that when clicked, will display the previous set of 5, or next set of 5 items. I am not displaying the horizontal scroll bar, as I don't want a user to navigate with that.

Is there already some functionality implemented so I can do this, or do I need to write code to cal

How to make ListView change ItemControl to VirtualizingStackPanel at runtime
by TheVrolok in Development Tools & Services

OK, so, I have a ListView-derived control that changes Grouping and ItemsSource on the fly. When I group such that the scrollbars dissapear, and then change my ItemsSource to a different ICollectionView, my scrollbars do not return.

The basic problem is that ListView changes to a VirtualizedStackPanel when grouping is activated and does not change back when grouping is de-activat

How to find matching words in Text Box and Datagrid when VirtualizingStackPanel.IsVirtualizing=“true”?
by static AG in Development Tools & Services

I have Datagrid and Text Box in my Form. Datagrid is showing me existing items in my stock. I use Text Box to search and set focus to that row which is matching with my Text Box. Now it is working fine when VirtualizingStackPanel.IsVirtualizing="false" but it is very slow and getting a lot RAM resource.
Here is my code for this.

public IEnumerable<Microsoft.Windows.Contr

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