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how to use “sendTextMessage” properly since some anti-virus apps will determine that it is a virus?
by svn in Programming Languages

Our app will use "SmsManager sendTextMessage" to send SMS which is edited by user. But some anti-virus apps will determine our app is a virus.

How could I avoid this except asking anti-virus apps to add our app to white list?


How to Remove a Trojan Virus With Free Virus Cleaners on a MacBook
by luci5r in Computers
While computer viruses are much more common on PCs than on Macs, that does not mean that Macs are incapable of getting infected by them. The Mac operating system is much more resilient to virus infection, but new viruses have been released that are designed to attack vulnerable Macs. Several free anti-virus programs designed for Macs and Macbooks can help in removing Trojan viruses from the syste

Difference Between a Worm Virus & a Trojan Horse Virus
by Ohad Barzilay in Computers
Harmful computer software is an unfortunate fact of life. It takes a number of forms, each with its own characteristic plan of attack. Computers running Windows are susceptible to these threats while Apple computers are usually considered to be immune. If you're an Apple user, the "usually" part of the previous sentence should be of some concern. VirusA computer virus is a malicious set of comp

How Do Anti-Virus Programs Detect & Identify a Virus?
by TheMoo in Computers
Anti-virus programs detects a virus in two ways. The first is through a list or database of known viruses that are encoded into their signature or pattern files. The second is through a complex program that categorizes and identifies potential threats. ComponentsThe first component is the signature file, which contain both the list of known viruses and a coded program to detect unknown viruses.

How to separate virus signatures in a virus signature file
by Indonesia in Web Design

I am doing an anti-virus project, I have a signature file and I want to separate the signatures in it. It is all beside each other and in hex, is there is a delimiter or something??

Thank you for your help.

How to Run a Virus Scan & Remove the Virus Now With Norton AntiVirus
by Koen Willemse in Computers
Norton Antivirus is a security software program that protects your computer against malicious software threats. This malicious software can infect your computer and wreak havoc on your files, data and personal security. If you have a virus on your computer and you run Norton Antivirus, you can scan the computer and remove the virus by properly using the software.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructi

How to Delete a Virus Without an Anti-virus Program
by Longchao Dong in Computers
If a virus has made your computer unstable or is preventing you from connecting to the Internet, it may not be possible to download and install antivirus software to delete the malicious program. Deleting malware without antivirus software is often very difficult because programmers use a variety of methods to make malicious applications hard to find and remove. However, some general tips are avai

How to Remove a Virus With a Free Anti-virus
by php in Computers
A computer virus, whether it is a worm, trojan or hijacker, can be removed using an anti-virus application. Both commercial and freeware anti-virus applications are available to computer users to download online. A free application can work just as well as a commercial one as long as its registry of known viruses is up-to-date. Though some anti-virus applications require you to register for a free

How do I Get Rid of a Virus That My Anti-Virus Cannot Find?
by Mahesh in Computers
Anti-virus software that is not regularly updated may miss a virus on your computer. Schedule your anti-virus software to update automatically, scan your computer, and clean your computer's cache and temp files on a regular basis to avoid infection. If your computer crashes without warning, there is a strong chance a virus is lurking inside.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Update W

Computer Virus Vs. Trojan Virus
by niswilsonnissen in Internet
While many people use the terms "computer virus" and "Trojan virus" interchangeably, the two are actually quite different. Both may be potentially disastrous to your computer and wallet, but the viruses can attack your computer system in different ways. DeliveryBoth viruses and Trojan viruses can be obtained the same way: both are normally attached to a program or an email or can be contracted

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