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Compiling libexif as static lib with Visual Studio 2010 - then linking from Visual C++ project
by Chris Tattum in C & C++ & C#

Is it possible to compile libexif with Visual Studio 2010? I have been trying to do so and have been running into a whole slew of problems. I cannot find any information about whether anybody has successfully done this before. I know I can use MinGW to compile the library, but I am in a situation where I need it to be compiled with Visual Studio and then need to link to it from a Visual C++ app

AddIn Suggestions for Visual Studio 6 / Visual Basic 6 Code Nagivigation & Exploring
by ajjaeger in Programming Languages

I am looking for good Visual Studio 6 Addins for code navigation and exploring.

For instance, I want to have the functionality of showing in- and outcoming calls of methods like Resharper already has.

Furthermore I am looking for a simpler code navigation.

Do you have any suggestions?

Good Non-Commerical (free) Refactoring Tool for Visual Studio 2005/Visual C++ 8.0?
by Iceland in C & C++ & C#

We have a rather large codebase in C++ here that needs some refactoring; since it's generally bad to start from scratch, I was wondering if there were any good free code refactoring tools for Visual Studio 2005/Visual C++ 8.0?

How to find which element inside visual tree is creating some visual part of control
by codelurker in Development Tools & Services

Lets say I have a complex user control (like GridView), and I extracted style from the Blend software. Now, since GridView is a complex control that contains subparts, how do I know which xaml element is responsible for some visual presentation? Just as example, how would I find witch element is drawing the border around the selected cell?

Is there some software that can help in ins

NVIDIA Visual Profiler, Debug and Release modes in Visual Studio 2010
by Josh Tegart in Development Tools & Services

I'm new to Visual Studio 2010, as I was used to compile my CUDA codes with nvcc using Linux as operating system. Incidentally in some posts of this and the NVIDIA Developer Zone forums, I have read warnings on proper compilation in Visual Studio (Debug/Release modes, see link for the difference between the two) to correctly use of the NVIDIA Visual Profiler. In my (poor) understanding, Visual S

How to buid a Visual C++ project targeted to a specific Visual C++ Redistributable version
by uo7 in C & C++ & C#

I have a C++ native library that I am building with Visual Studio 2005 that is a part of a larger project.

This project usually contains several other dlls including the Microft C++ Redistributable Package libraries (msvcr80.dll for example). This way we can deploy our project without having to make the user install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package 2005.

Control goes into a visual state - but actual visual states are not getting updated through xaml
by VulgarDisplay in Programming Languages

I have two controls - control 2 inside of control 1. Control 1 and Control 2 have visual states.

I am facing the following problem:

Control 2 goes into a visual state, (have put a Debug.Write in the C# code), but doesn't get updated visually (specified in xaml - visual state). This happens quite frequently, but, not always. I have got more than a couple of pair of eyes

How to disable visual basic errors in the error list in visual studio
by Rit Li in Programming Languages

I have a large solution which contains a mixture of C# and VB.Net projects.

If I get compilation errors because a project which several other projects depend upon fails to build, it is very hard to see the actual error(s) because of the number of VB errors in the error list window in Visual Studio. C# errors found in the projects I compiled show in the error list, but all VB errors

Is it possible to use WinMerge inside Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Source Safe 6.0?
by Janko in Programming Languages

I would like to use WinMerge as the default diff tool inside VS2008 from the solutions explorer in place of the "Compare..." context menu item. Is this possible? I'm looking for a quick replacement of the current bland diff tool an I just like WinMerge better. I'm not interested in going to the folder explorer and doing the comparison there.

Im using Visual Source Safe 6.0 not TFS

DataGridView and MySQL and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Basic .NET
by Kuer in Databases

So far I have

Private dt As New DataTable
DataGridView1.DataSource = dt

Everything is working correctly, can browse values in a table and edit them however changes are not saved to a table in MySQL database.

I tried to read about doing Updates and it looks like if DataTable is properly bound to DataGridView changes should be updated inside


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