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Automatically Voice Recording when Voice starts and playback when the voice stops
by php in Programming Languages

Can anyone help me for the following :

Record voice automatically and play when silent for sometime like talking tom. Can anyone help me to identify the logic behind talking tom. When the user starts to speak, it should record automatically and when the user stops speaking, then the recorded voice should be playback. How this can be do? Please help me.

Thanks in advance<

Is it possible that voice or speech recognizer take input from speaker(incoming call voice)?
by Robby in Programming Languages

Application Requirements :

During a phone call application listens to the incoming phone call i.e incoming voice from speaker not the mic.
Converts the caller's(the person who has make a call to you) voice to text.
Finally display that converted text into the text view.
It does all this conversion while the phone call is happening.

How to Record Your Voice in a Song on the Windows Vista Voice Recorder
by xeemzor in Computers
When the Windows Vista operating system is installed on your computer, the Sound Recorder feature is also automatically installed. With this feature you can record your voice or a live song when there is a microphone connected to your computer. The audio file you create is then saved as a Windows Media Audio (WMA) file by default. The Sound Recorder does not let you create multiple tracks, however

How to Make a Male Voice Sound Like a Female Voice on GarageBand
by teabagbrewster in Computers
GarageBand is an audio modification program that enables users to create music and alter sound effects to make songs. One feature of the program is voice modification, which changes the quality of voice recordings so that they sound drastically different, such as changing a male voice to a female voice. Not only is this modification a great way to entertain friends, but it can enable you to create

How to Record a Custom Voice Mail With Google Voice
by Ian McKellar in Computers
Setting a custom voicemail greeting for your Google Voice account is a simple process that takes only a few minutes to complete. You can record a voice mail greeting from the settings panel of the Google Voice Web interface. Recorded voice mail greetings can be set as the default for all calls or you can set the voice mail greeting to play for specific phone numbers or contact groups.Difficulty:Ea

How to Record My Voice for a Voice Command for Windows Mobile
by Walruz in Electronics
Windows Mobile is the smartphone and PDA-friendly extension of the PC-based Windows operating system. Voice Command is a Windows Mobile utility that allows your device to perform a wide array of functions as you dictate them. Once you have installed Voice Command (provided it has not come pre-installed on your device), you can use the utility to record your voice so that your device will intuitive

Teaching Active Voice Vs. Passive Voice for Kids
by vylycyn in Education
Active voice moves a sentence forward more effectively than passive voice. For example, "The boy patted the dog" is active voice. The passive version is: "The dog was patted by the boy." The reader has to untangle who did what because the subject receiving the action comes first. Active-voice writing carries the reader along much more easily than passive voice and makes for clearer, more interest

How to Read Voice Mail on Google Voice for a BlackBerry
by camt in Electronics
Google Voice is a free service that provides users with a phone number that, when dialed, will dial any phone connected to the account. For example, if one were to dial a Google Voice phone number, the call forwards to the cell, home or office phone on file. Google Voice also allows users to make phone calls on their computer via Google Chat. The service also provides free text messaging, voice ma

How to Find a Free Animated Voice for Voice Mail
by Jorgemr in Electronics
Your phone's voice mail allows callers to leave personal messages to your phone. Your voice mail in-box gives you added personalization. With it, you may create the message you want your callers to hear. If you use your cell phone to talk with friends and family members, then an animated voice may be more appropriate. Your phone comes with a recorder, which allows you to copy the message to the vo

How to Replace AT&T Voice Mail With Google Voice
by Andrew Mattie in Electronics
Google Voice is a free online service that provides users with a variety of innovative and useful telephone services. One of the most popular is the Google Voice voicemail service, which offers much more functionality than the standard voicemail offered by most cellular providers. If you are an AT&T wireless customer, you can replace your existing AT&T voicemail with the Google Voice service and e

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