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Google Wave Robot - Change to Wave in response to an external event
by Henry in Development Tools & Services

I am writing a Google Wave Robot that allows users to "manage a wave". I plan to have a configuration page on my website. When the configuration is changed, ideally all waves where this user added by this user should change immediately (or at least next time someone views the wave). What is the best way of doing this?

Apparently, "a robot cannot contact Wave directly; it can only re

Linux and python: Combining multiple wave files to one wave file
by cubeless in Operating Systems

I am looking for a way that I can combine multiple wave files into one wave file using python and run it on linux. I don't want to use any add on other than the default shell command line and default python modules.
For example, if I have a.wav and b.wav. I want to create a c.wav which start with the content from a.wav then b.wav.
I've found wave module, that I can open a wave file

The Difference Between a Natural Wave & a Body Wave for Indian Hair
by Dan Becker in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
When choosing Indian hair extensions, the options are overwhelming, and the difference between natural wave and body wave is confusing. When choosing the right wave pattern for your hair type, consider the following hair characteristics. Virgin Indian HairVirgin Indian hair is hair that hasn't been processed for color or texture. The color, texture and curl pattern in virgin Indian hair comes d

Modified Sine Wave Vs. Square Wave Inverter
by Tim Watson in Education
Polarity periodically reverses in alternating current (AC). The graphic or electronic display of this process is shown in several ways, including modified sine waves. Modified sine waves and square waves show the different forms of AC power with varying distortion. DistortionAC has different amounts of distortion depending on the method of production or transformance from direct current (DC). I

Google Wave - Adding a participant to a Wave with the Python API
by Rit Li in Development Tools & Services

How do I add a participant to a Wave using the Python API given their email address?

How to Make a Square Wave to Sine Wave Converter
by brainhulk in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Sine waves rise smoothly to a maximum, then fall in a mirror image pattern to the center line. This "hill" is then repeated upside down in a mirror image "valley." This pattern of smooth mirror image hills and valleys repeats endlessly. This wave describes AC electricity, light waves and radio waves. A square wave has all right angles. It goes directly to maximum then falls down to the mid-line be

How do I get contents of a Google Wave given the wave id and wavelet id?
by crazy2383 in Programming Languages

I am using the robots api. I have a wave id and wavelet id, and my app's email is added to the wave. How can I simply get the wave (or wavelet's) contents using the python api?

Recursively create a sine wave given a single sine wave value and the period
by Scott Smith in Programming Languages

I am trying to write a .oct function for Octave that, given a single sine wave value, between -1 and 1, and sine wave period, returns a sine wave vector of period length with the last value in the vector being the given sine wave value. My code so far is:

#include <octave/oct.h>
#include <octave/dColVector.h>
#include <math.h>
#define PI 3.1415926

Difference Between Pure Sine Wave & Modified Sine Wave Inverter
by br4dz in Electronics
Power inverters convert low voltage direct current (DC) power from a car outlet or battery to the alternating current (AC) power required by most power tools and home appliances. Inverters are classified as pure sine wave or modified sine wave. Sine WaveThe power supplied to homes is relatively close to an ideal sine wave. Pure sine wave inverters are designed to emulate this power and, in some

Logitech Wave Vs. Wave Pro
by Ubermateo in Computers
The Cordless Desktop Wave and Cordless Desktop Wave Pro are keyboard and mouse bundles developed by Logitech. The company released the Cordless Desktop Wave bundle in 2007 and the Cordless Desktop Wave Pro bundle in 2008. The two products are nearly identical in terms of design and other specifications. KeyboardsBoth Wave keyboards are ergonomically designed in a wave-like shape for extra comfo
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