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Difference on Wall to Wall & Writing on Someone's Wall on Facebook
by Justin Blanton in Internet
Facebook providers users with a "Wall," a virtual message board where a user and friends can share videos, photos, links and notes. A Facebook Wall allows users to chat and gives them the choice to contain an entire conversation on one Wall, or to use "Wall to Wall" posting. Wall PostingA Facebook user can post various forms of content to his Wall. The posts can be viewed, and friends, or even

On Facebook, What Is the Difference Between Wall-to-Wall & Writing on a Wall?
by kevotheclone in Internet
The Facebook Wall is the central hub of each user's account, displaying the News Feed, friend lists and upcoming events, as well as photo uploads, status updates and links. Formerly known as the "Wall-to-Wall" link, the "See Friendship" link is used to display the interaction between two specific Facebook users. With the proper privacy settings, Facebook members can share and connect by viewing an

How can we fetch full activity log of a facebook user or ( wall comment count, wall count, wall like count ) using API
by RKelln in Development Tools & Services

Dosto I need a facebook user total wall comment count, wall count, wall like count.

Your suggestions will helpful for me.

Should the Accent Wall Be the Long Wall or the End Wall?
by apaunchev in Home & Garden
There are several good reasons to incorporate an accent wall into your design plan. An accent wall is an easy way to introduce a burst of color into a space, and it acts as a decorative element and helps frame the focal point of a room. For the price of a gallon of paint, you can give your room an entirely new look. The first step in the process is figuring out whether you want the long or the sho

How to Extend the Height of an 8-Foot Concrete Wall With a Wood-Framed Knee Wall
by S Hall in Home & Garden
Extending the height of an 8-foot concrete wall with a wood-framed knee wall is a simple and cost-effective way to increase head height in a basement or other application. Additionally, the use of wooden knee walls can allow for after-the-fact changes to wall height without expensive concrete work needing to be done.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
2x framing

Can I upload photos to a wall belonging to a fan (company) page wall using the Facebook Graph API?
by Switzerland in Development Tools & Services

I need to know if it's possible to make it so authorized users can upload photos to a fan page of a company (to the wall) using the graph API.
Also, is it possible to become like (become a fan) of a company page through the api once the user is authorized.

Many thanks in advance,

Facebook PHP Api cUrl auto post to page's wall (not profile wall)
by Erik Ordway in PHP

I need to be able to post to the wall of my page, i have given offline_permissions and I got it to post to my profile wall but I need it to post to my pages wall.

Anyone know how to do this, where does my code need changing? thanks

<?php session_start();
$fb_page_id = 106502962712016;
$fb_access_token = '121247121254761|588e45312b074a0ec3dd62c39-172715404

Get data from a facebook page wall or group wall for use on personal website
by toutatis in Programming Languages

I want to connect to public facebook page or group and list all entries from the wall on a personal website. I will use PHP on my server so that would be the best solution for me. Or javascript.

Could anyone explain or perhaps give a working code on how to do this? Or just all steps nessesary for making this?

If its possible to handle information about person, date, desc

How to create animation like water fall on wall and then spread out drops on wall?
by aaffleck in Mobile Programming

I need to create animation that images of water come out from bottom of view and then at middle of view at fall like water fall on wall or on ground and drops spread out here and there using core animation.

I tried to use transformation & scaling with CABasicAnimation but failed to create that type of animation.

how to do that ?

How to Fill & Touch Up Small Wall Holes without Painting an Entire Wall
by cautionsign in Home & Garden
Just because you've accidentally put a hole in your wall doesn't mean that you have to redo the drywall and repaint the entire wall. Smaller holes -- generally those with a diameter of a few inches -- can be easily repaired with a few basic tools and some elbow grease. You can also paint over the patches without having to repaint the entire wall, providing you're willing to spend a little time mat

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