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How to Look Up People Who Are Wanted
by PeterYunZhang in Culture & Society
If you think you may have recognized a wanted fugitive you've seen on the television news or in a newspaper but can't quite place the face, or just have a morbid fascination with the type of criminals that make it onto most wanted lists, you can access a wealth of information from a range of organizations online. Institutions looking to capture known fugitives are keen to circulate photographs and
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10 Most Wanted Jobs
by JackBurton in Careers & Job Searching
Whether you're changing careers or applying to your first job, it is wise to consider which jobs will become the most desirable in the years to come. According to MSNBC, the medical field is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries as the baby boomer generation emerges into old age. Also, computer-savvy positions are highly wanted careers as technology evolves every day. You can consider a h
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How to Write Help Wanted Ads
by n3. in Careers & Job Searching
While help wanted ads assist employers in finding individuals interested in the position offered, sometimes the field of respondents needs to be narrowed down to the most qualified candidates. The way you craft the ad has a direct effect on the type of applicants that contact you. You will eliminate more unqualified and unsuited people from the applicant pool if you place specific details in the a
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How to Do a Wanted Poster
by Colin Henry in Computers
Make your own wanted poster for your own personal "most wanted" with the aid of a computer software program. Create a humorous "Wanted" poster to surprise and amuse your family and friends.
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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Beagles
by mkmitch in Pets
Beagles have been used as hunting dogs since the 1500s. According to the American Kennel Club, they are said to be named for the French word "be'geule," which describes the braying sound they make. Bred for their keen ability to track animals by scent, they hunt fox, rabbit, quail and pheasant. Beagles make popular pets as they have a pleasant temperament and are highly active. They are often pet

How to Create a Help Wanted Ad
by tonix in Business
The chances of finding a qualified employee increase dramatically with the placement of a help wanted ad. Without it, you rely on word of mouth to bring someone through your door. Learning to write an ad is a simple process that can help your business. Read on to learn how to create a help wanted ad.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Know what type of employee you want to hire. Write in a tone tha
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How Can I Post a Job Wanted Ad?
by skimple in Careers & Job Searching
Many times you will find when searching for a job that there is more competition than you expected. People must be creative to find the elusive job. It has now become a common practice to post job wanted ads on certain websites that are created to bring both employers and potential employees together. ResearchBefore you post a job wanted ad on one of these sites, you might want to do some resea
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How to Add Cars to NFS: Most Wanted
by Progdis in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Need for Speed is a long-running franchise of racing video games featuring high-performance cars. The Hot Pursuit versions of the game place the driver as a police officer pitted against sports cars in battles and races that give the game a cops-and-robbers feel. At the start of the game, the user is given a base group of cars with which to take on the challenges of the game. Winning the challenge
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How to Place a Help Wanted Ad
by Iceland in Business
When you have a job opening, you want to find the perfect candidate to fill that position. To place a help wanted ad, you should strategically place the ad in the periodical or website most likely viewed by your ideal candidate. Use straight-forward language that will attract the person you want to hire. Place your help wanted ad after you have carefully considered the position you are hiring for
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MVC - C#, ASP.net: Tutorial wanted
by Brazil in C & C++ & C#

I am looking for MVC (not asp.net-MVC) tutorial for Web App with C# somewhere.
Are they any good online tutorials.


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