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How do you fight against all these ways? -Javascript and its million different ways you can write it
by Ed. in Programming Languages

I just don't know what to think anymore. It seems like the people who made javascript went out of their way to allow it to be written a million different ways so hackers can have a field day.

I finally got my white list up by using html agility pack. It should remove


As it is not in my white list plus any onclick,onm

Ways to Keep a Job
by Mariocki in Careers & Job Searching
So, you've landed your dream job. However, the job market is a tricky place, and there are always new people who would be happy to take your. Here are some ways you can guarantee you stay employed.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need

Ways to Keep a JobArrive at least 15 minutes before your shift starts. If an emergency comes up and you can'

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Ways to Better Yourself
by Bulk Beef in Education
Improving yourself is difficult but rewarding work, and a clear plan is critical for success. It's important to track the results of your efforts and celebrate small steps in the right direction. Improving yourself is a lifelong task. Remember to enjoy the process and you'll be more successful, happier and more fulfilled. Increase AwarenessBecome aware of your physical, emotional and mental con

Different Ways to Say Thank You
by dawza in Culture & Society
If you have had a friend or family member do something thoughtful or special for you, it is a nice idea to make a gesture of thanks. There are many methods of saying "thank you" that will ensure that your loved one feels appreciated and valued for her good deeds. Send FlowersflowersAblestock.com/AbleStock.com/Getty ImagesFresh flowers sitting on a desk or a table will brighten anyone'

Ways to Say Thank You to a Guy
by Pete in Culture & Society
Saying "thank you" is common courtesy when someone has done you a favor or given you a gift. It lets them know that you appreciate them and encourages similar behavior in the future. Thanking a guy is no different than thanking anyone else, except that you might want to personalize your thanks to suit his personality and preferences. Express your thanks in a way that he will understand and appreci
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Ways to Tie a Bow
by brtyler in Hobbies, Games & Toys
When you think about bow tying, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the basic bow that ties your shoelaces. However, a lot is more involved in tying bows than you ever might have thought. From flat bows to floral, the many types that exist prove that bow tying is an art both complicated and precise. Floral BowsThe floral bow is one of the most complicated bows to tie. Floral bows res
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Five Different Ways to Look for a Job
by kalfa in Business
For a job seeker, finding the right position is a formidable challenge. To improve your chances of finding a job that will fulfill you and help you reach your career-related goals, don't rely simply upon one job-search method. Instead, take advantage of multiple job-listing sites, making it more likely that if that position you are eager to fill pops up, you hear about it. Search the AdsSearchi

Different Ways to Tie a Bow on a Box
by Mytime34 in Holidays & Celebrations
Beautiful bows on top of gift boxes are like icing on cake -- they add the finishing touch that makes the whole package look more delightful. You can tie and attach bows in many ways to create beautiful, desirable wrapped presents. Bows can be preserved, stored and reused. Wrapping up lots of Christmas presents early and placing them under the tree with beautiful bows makes your gifts part of the
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Ways to Tie a Do-Rag
by Jesse McDowell in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Do-rags are often worn by bikers to keep their hair in place during the ride, but they can be worn for a variety of other reasons. You may wear a do-rag to absorb perspiration during a bike ride or as a fashion statement. Though do-rags are appropriate in almost any casual setting, you must make sure to tie them properly or you may risk looking foolish. Fitted But LooseSit the do-rag on your he
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10 Ways to Keep Your Man
by Andrew S. in Relationships & Family
The first few months of a romantic relationship are usually exciting. However, as time goes by and both parties become more familiar with each other, the excitement begins to fade. A woman usually becomes anxious at this stage and worries that her man is not as interested in her as before, especially if his behavior appears to have changed. There are things that she can do to keep the relationship
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