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Affect a function of -webkit-transform in a -webkit-animation without affecting other -webkit-transform functions applied to the target element?
by RDongre in Web Design

I want to animate the -webkit-transform: rotateX() of elements while allowing the elements to keep their -webkit-transform: rotate() property intact. Consider the following code:

@-webkit-keyframes anim {
from { -webkit-transform: rotateX(0); }
to { -webkit-transform: rotateX(45deg); }
.target {
-webkit-animation: anim .5s infinite alternate

Is the a specific webkit feature I can detect to check if a user is using a webkit browser
by Japan in Web Design

I've used the code below if I need to detect Firefox:

var firefox = !(window.mozInnerScreenX == null);

I'm curious if there is something similar to detect webkit browsers without checking the user agent string. Like checking a specific feature only webkit browsers have?

fixing cross origin requests in webkit.framework in xcode by manually compiling webkit
by bauer100 in Coding

I'm making an HTML5 app wherein I made a cocoa wrapper in xcode for it, but I need to do cross domain requests, which causes this error:

2012-11-29 17:32:20.086 App JavaScript console: :0: XMLHttpRequest cannot load website.com/somelink. Origin website.com is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

I do not believe you can enable cross origin requests within webkit.f

Defining width in -webkit only and changing -webkit-appearance
by frozentundra123456 in Web Design

How do I style width for -webkit only? All of my select boxes are roughly 16px wider no matter what I do. Border-box has zero effect and this is really annoying. I've even tried making up vendor prefixes hoping against common sense that it would work like -webkit-width. Of course, that didn't work out too well.

Also, how do you get the arrow only using -webkit-appearance: none? It's

Can we change select tag normal scrollbars to webkit-scrollbars using CSS Property -webkit-scrollbars
by beebob in Web Design

How to change select tag normal scrollbars to webkit-scrollbars using CSS Property -webkit-scrollbars.

I tried with

In CSS file

::-webkit-scrollbar {
width: 6px;
height: 6px;

But, it is not working for inside Select tag, Other elements like 'div',textarea' etc are working.

Is this a -webkit-box-reflect bug
by Jesse McDowell in Web Design

While I developing a div image box with reflection -webkit-box-reflect, I found out that the reflection at bottom not mirroring exactly from the bottom of the image. It depends on how much size available for the reflection.

For better illustration of the problem:


The 2 images have the different reflection, one from the

How to fix webkit-fake-url mean?
by zac in Web Design

When you try to copy and paste to Safari web browser the browser inserts webkit-fake-url.

In Chrome, you could do getAsFile() on the clipboard data to read the image. Can you do something like that with Safari?

TAGS : webkit fake mean

LXR, DXR or woboq for WebKit?
by boomerang in Web Design

Is there anywhere that you can browse the WebKit source code easily and be able to "go to definition" for information about every variable, type, and function?

Something like the Linux Cross Reference, Mozilla's DXR, or woboq Code Browser.

TAGS : woboq WebKit

REM and mobile Webkit
by whatintheworldisthat in Web Design

I'm coming across with a frustrating issue that only seems to occur on mobile webkit (and as far as my testing shows, Android ICS works properly). Here's a screenshot of it in Firefox and from my phone (on the right, should appear same on iPhone), the situation:

I am trying to use rem units on most of my measurements to have the site scale different elements in half for a mobile med

TAGS : mobile Webkit

run webkit WebView without GTK?
by amenx in Web Design

Can I run webkit.WebView object without GTK loop? I want to make a simple webkit-based headless browser and I do not need GTK anywhere - I don't display anything.

win = gtk.Window() # <------------------------+--- can I not use those?
web = webkit.WebView() # |
web.load_uri("http://example.com") # |
web.connect("load-finished", ge

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