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PreMade Webdesign and Drupal
by Samuel K in Web Design

I'm terribly new to web development. I'm trying to make a pretty simple site with a friend. My friend has taken the time to design the layout for our site, and we have things looking how we want in a static HTML page.

What I'd like to do now is move over to a Content Management System like Drupal but keep the same design that we have all ready laid out.

Since I'm compl

Issue with responsive webdesign
by jrok96 in Web Design

I am about coding af new website but I am having some trouble fulfilling all design and SEO requirements. The site in fullscreen will have a max-width of 950px, a top and a bottom with full width of the page and a center area with a left part with width 200px and a content area with dynamic width - when the site is shown on small screens the top and bottom will remain top and bottom but left wi

How to handle with older IE versions and webdesign?
by AJacques in Web Design

maybe it's completly my foult to handle so blind, but yes, now I am in a bad situation.

Since month I build an auctioneering platform, the deadline is getting shorter and now - at the end of the project - we do a browser test with older browsers (e.g. and the worst: ie6).

What should I say? The complete design fails in IE6. The logo is not transparent, the login button a

Good diagramming software for UML and Webdesign?
by Sankarsan Bose in Web Design

I'm looking for a simple, easy to use and possibly free diagramming tool for both basic UML diagrams (mainly use case and activity diagrams) and webdesign wireframes. I don't need any complex UML <-> coding functionality (as provided in StarUML or Enterprise Architect and the likes). I have been using Visio for this and have also tried Smartdraw, but am looking for a cheaper and somewhat sim

Responsive Webdesign: Dynamic height
by naemi in Web Design

I've got the following page as an example for a responsive layout: flexible Grid

Now i want my own project to do the same as the images on this page. As the screensize decreases, the elements should resize, too.

For the width of those elements, everything works just fine. But their height won't change.
I wonder how the author of the example page achieved this, as h

Reusing licensed Code in webdesign for profit
by Brent Robinett in Operating Systems

This is more of an opinion question. I do freelance webdesign for locals who need a website, and I often like to use Javascript and Jquery plugins/programs/libraries/frameworks or what you want to call them. One of them, for example, is iui. It let's you manipulate a webpage so it moves and scrolls like an iphone app.

My question is, If I use this plugin, or some other plugin, in d

IE7/8 and the Goldilocks Approach (responsive webdesign) aren't working together
by Jason Haar in Web Design

... to be more precise: the browsers don't work with the Goldilocks I tweaked a little ... :/

The Goldilocks Approach > goldilocksapproach.com

My site (in progress) > amordetango.nl/txp/test

It has to be a minor thing but I'm glossing over it ...

pixels in webdesign - is it save to use pixel declarations in times of retina displays?
by cbot5000 in Web Design

With the advent of mobile devices it was pretty clear: Websites with fixed pixel-widths were not practical anymore and pixel-perfect-designs pretty much obsolete. But display resolutions still gave us a per-pixel hint of where to put things. With the advent of retina-displays this seems to be over as well.

My question is thus: Is it still save to use pixel declarations in css (like

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