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General Orientation Needed: What architectures/methodologies should I use to encapsulate a website to run on someone else's website (plug-in)?
by Thomas in Development Tools & Services

I have a product in mind that requires the development of a website that should run within another organization's current website. So, this would be a website that offers functionality that many other organizations would want to host on their own domain and use their user's current login credentials. A plugin so to speak.

How do I develop a module that exists and interacts with thei

How to revert back to Desktop website from Mobile Website when using CSS Media Queries?
by Mahi in Coding

I'm using CSS media queries to create a responsive theme. I want to add a link at the footer of the website labeled "GO TO DESKTOP WEBSITE". This link will specifically be displayed on the mobile devices. How can I do it so that when a visitor click on the desktop website link, the website is loaded with desktop media query, not of mobile. I hope I've made myself pretty clear on my issue. I've

Installer (setup project) from website link - use the website URL in the installed application
by beginner99 in Web Design

Is it possible to write an installer (via a simple setup project) which is located on a website, so that URL of the website can be used immediatly by the installed application?

In more details, I wrote an outlook addin which can be installed by user via the installer (created with default setup project). The oulook add-in needs to communicate with a webservice, which is hosted on th

I wanna build a website, use mongodb, is it free? Do I need to open my source of website?
by Pain999 in Databases

I've read the licence page of mongodb, found it under AGPL. Sorry for my poor English, I don't understand it well.

I want to build a public commercial website with mongodb, I just use it as my database, storing some data, and won't modify it. Do I need to:

open my source code of my website?
or pay for it?

Is there a way to embed an mp3 player in a website that isn't flash based (so that the website is iPhone OS compatible)
by KingGuppy in Web Design

I did a lot of searching for what I thought would be a pretty common question, but I came up with nothing. If there is another thread with a similar topic, please let me know.

Basically, I'm looking for a way to have an .mp3 file play in a website without relying on a flash-based player. I've searched w3 schools and every forum I can think of, but every media player I've found so fa

Link to website from Likes or Activity not working properly for my Website's Like button
by Matthew Damp in Coding

My facebook like button's internal link from the logged in view of facebook, recent activity, or the likes area of a personal page adds additional characters to the end of my site's URL.
The like button adds likes, and properly adds to individual facebook profiles.



Is it possible to get complete source code of a website including css by just providing the URL of website? + Python
by Matthew in Programming Languages

I am looking for a python script that takes the URL of a website, and that can download the complete HTML source code with css links also into my local computer where I am running my python script.

Can any one help me for this?

How to Open a Browser and connect to a website then parse that website using jsoup in java?

I have a project which needs a little bit of web-scraping. The main requirement is to let the user enter his data on a java application. Then the application will connect to a data entry website then it will automatically inputs the data entered by the user to that website. I haven't started to code it since I don't know where to start. I already conducted some research about this and it points

How to redirect old website pages to new website which has same domain but new html page names?
by Denis Chaykovskiy in Web Design


I'm working on a website which has had all it's page names changed from the older version however it still has the same domain name. All I want to do is re-direct the page links on google searches to the domain and/or redirect the pages to their new page named versions.

I know this can be done with a .htaccess file. But I'm not sure how as I have tried and it's not w

How to switch easily between ajax-based website and basic HTML website?
by Matt1970 in Web Design

I have a website ( based on JSP/Servlets ,using MVC pattern), and I want to support AJAX-based website and basic HTML-based website. website visitors should be able to change the surfing mode from Ajax to basic HTML and vise versa, - as it applies in Google-mail.

The Questions :

What is the best way to achieve this goal easily?
Should I design two views for each page?<

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