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What Is an Amazon Webstore?
by soup006 in Internet
Amazon Webstore is an e-commerce site builder and manager that works with Amazon's e-commerce technology. It doesn't require any software or hardware because it is hosted online via Amazon's cloud network. It was developed to simplify e-commerce website design and streamline the management process with the goal of making it possible to run an online store without the need for a fully-staffed IT d

How to Build My Own Webstore
by Chris Woods in Internet
The Web has made it easier for brick-and-mortar shops to do business online. Sellers can create a online store through the use of various website tools or from an experienced site designer. One of the simplest ways to build a website is through the use of a content management system such as WordPress. You do not need to know programming in order to quickly build a website.Difficulty:Moderately Cha
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How to Make a Webstore
by Olympian Last in Internet
Creating a Web store is an effective way to tap into the online market for your products. Although creating an online store may seem like a long complicated process, there are numerous websites that offer a do-it-yourself Web store building service. The process to create a Web store with a do-it-yourself website is straightforward and customizable. A typical service plan from such a website covers
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How to Set Up a Google Website or Webstore
by Darin in Internet
Many online companies have begun to offer free, easy ways to create your own website. Google has created one that is particularly simple while also allowing quite a bit of customization. You don't need to have specialized website knowledge to use its website builder. You just need to think about how you want it to look and what you want to say. It's mostly a matter of clicking and typing. Follow t

How to Grow a Small Webstore
by mvt in Business
The time may be right for you start – and grow – a small webstore. In fact, the time may never be better. Internet startups are usually relatively inexpensive to launch and allow the fledgling entrepreneur to tend to the business in the evenings and on weekends while keeping her day job – or at least keeping it until the time is right to transition to the webstore full time. Perh

Online Webstore Tips
by beefjerky911 in Business
You can follow many tips to improve the quality of your webstore and to enhance your customer's experience. By optimizing your webstore in as many ways as possible, you stand a better chance of outlasting the significant amount of competition found in the online retail arena. Chances are, you can find at least one aspect of your webstore to improve. Optimize DesignThe most important element of

How to force SSL for a checkout link for a webstore
by compcons in Development Tools & Services

I've browsed through several questions on the site and nothing quite matched what I want to do.

I found 1 question that could possible work the best as long as it does neglect SSL on any of the links within the specific folder I want to avoid having SSL on. (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/724968/force-redirect-to-ssl-for-all-pages-apart-from-one)

Basically what I nee

How to Create a Searchable Webstore Using ModX
by kakashi_ in Internet
ModX is an opensource content management system that can be used to build a dynamic website or webstore. Building a search function for a ModX site will be the same for both websites and webstores. Search functionality is built by using the ajaxSearch snippet which comes packaged with ModX when it is downloaded. A combination of this snippet and HTML tagging will render a search box for your ModX

How to Get Rid of the Google Chrome Apps Webstore
by afds in Internet
After you install an App for the Chrome Web browser from the Google Chrome App Store, the browser displays an icon for the Chrome App Store at the top of the screen each time you open a new window or tab. This icon can get in the way if you prefer to use the "Most Visited" feature in Chrome to view one of your most visited websites after opening a new tab. Uninstall your Chrome Apps and hide the a

Can't get jQuery Cycle to work in Amazon Webstore
by eroi in Web Design

I'm running around in circles trying to figure out why I can't get jQuery Cycle to work in our Amazon store. jQuery seems to be working fine, as I can run commands from the console, but any time I try to call .cycle(), i get a "*.cycle() is not a function" error. I've used cycle on several other websites with no problems, but this has completely confounded me.

Here's a link to a ver


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