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How to Visit Westwood, CA
by bigben2wardpitt in Travel
Westwood, California is a city in West Los Angeles near Bel Air and Beverly Hills. With the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the center of the city, this community offers many attractions and sites for the younger college community. These include historic movie theaters, various restraunts, museums and even a brewhouse.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Visit the UCLA campus.
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Hotels Near UCLA in Westwood
by seph87 in Travel
Westwood is the name of a district located in Los Angeles, California. The neighborhood is notable for being the locale of the University of California, Los Angeles---better known as UCLA. The university is a public, four-year institution established in 1919. For those looking to visit the university, there are several nearby hotel options to consider. Hotel Palomar Los Angeles - WestwoodThe Ho

Restaurants in Westwood, New Jersey
by skulldrinker in Parties & Entertaining
A borough in Bergen County, New Jersey, Westwood is located in the northeastern part of the state. Its richness in cultural diversity shows in the wide variety of restaurants Westwood residents enjoy. For example, Westwood houses Indian, Mexican, Italian and other world cuisines. The Melting PotA national chain fondue restaurant, The Melting Pot opened their first American niche eatery in 1975,

How to Visit Westwood Memorial Park
by jbcrail in Travel
Fans come to Los Angeles to see celebrities, and if fans can't encounter them in person, they take tours of the neighborhoods where celebs live and the studios where they work. They look at their footprints in cement or their stars on Hollywood Boulevard. And if all else fails, the fans go see where their favorite celebs are spending eternity. Westwood Memorial Park, though a relatively small ceme

How to Create a Westwood Online Account
by Kumar Anand in Education
Westwood Online is a service offered by Westwood College that provides resume building, career advising, interview preparation and much more. In order to be eligible for these services you must create an account on the Westwood Online website. Creating a Westwood Online account is free and takes little time.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Go to the Westwood Online website, www.westwood.e

Barbeque Restaurants Near Westwood in New Jersey
by LittleCodeShop in Parties & Entertaining
Westwood is a northern New Jersey suburb, about a 20-minute drive from the New Jersey-New York state line. Barbecue restaurants are located in several towns near Westwood, including Washington Township and Bergenfield. You can feast on a barbecue meal after seeing the New York Giants at the Meadowlands, which is 20 minutes from Westwood. Barbecue PitThe Barbecue Pit in Bergenfield is a casual

Barbecue Restaurants Near Westwood, New Jersey
by overst33r in Travel
The borough of Westwood, New Jersey, is situated just south of New York. Westwood features a number of places of interest such as the Bergen County Zoological Park, Pascack Brook County Park, and Pascack Historical Society Museum. Additionally, there are a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. For individuals in search of barbecue, there are several options in the Westwood area. Backwoods

Hotels on Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles
by Nandor Devai in Travel
The Westwood Boulevard area of Los Angeles is a two-mile long community best known for its restaurants and theaters. It starts just south of Interstate 10, (Santa Monica Boulevard), and ends at UCLA. The area is rife with shops, restaurants, and fitness centers, theaters and upscale businesses. Not many hotels are directly on Westwood Boulevard, but a few are within view and tend to be pricey.

Bass Fishing Tips for Westwood Lake in New Castle, Indiana
by SpunkyJones in Sports & Fitness
Bass fishermen flock to Westwood Lake Reservoir in New Castle, Ind., because the largemouth bass are plentiful, and the water is tranquil. Bluegill, redear, channel cats and crappie are also stocked. Largemouth bass (M. salmoides) are part of the Centrarchidae-black bass and sunfish family, one of 86 fish species prevalent in the eastern Indiana corn belt plains ecological system. The trolling-mot

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