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Connect wifi access points with Windows Native Wifi Functions
Category : Development Tools & Services

Windows provides Win32 Native Wifi Functions, but when I used WlanConnect to connect a access point what needs password, it will show a tip on the notification area, if I clicked the tip, the password input dialog will show. How can I show the password input dialog directly without click the tip on the notification area? Thanks in advance.

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Android application not connecting to Wifi ,but works fine in 3G shared through Wifi
Category : Programming Languages

Hi, I am not able to understand why my android application does not work when it accesses the internet through WiFi. The application is able to work when it uses its own 3G connection. It doesn't connect to WIFI. But if I share my 3g connection which i have in my iPhone through WiFi (tethering) the android device can access the server. I checked the application in various devices, and chang

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Android, Samsung S Advance: new WiFi activation, but system reactivate the last WiFi
Category : Programming Languages

I've a problem with Samung S Advance.

I need to communicate with a electronic module that act as a WiFi access point.

I add the WiFi configuration and activate it programmatically.

After a few seconds the system returns to the last WiFi connection so I can't do anything.

If I want the new WiFi configuration stay up I need to go to the Android Wi

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Scanning available wifi, detect specific strongest Wifi SSID to launch an XML activity layout
Category : Programming Languages

I need to locate my current location in a building by scanning the strongest available Wifi to launch an activity. I want to locate only 3 places in that building. So if I am currently near any of those locations, I will click a button to scan the strongest available Wifi to launch an activity.

I need to scan available Wifi in a building.
Get the 3 strongest signal.

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how to connect with a wifi network from a generated list of wifi networks?
Category : Programming Languages

I have generated a list of available wifi networks near my android device.
Now I want to open a dialog box asking for password if i click any wifi network from list, and if I enter right password then it must get connected to that wifi network. how can I do it.

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If the wifi disconnects and reconnects is the previous wifi lock valid?
Category : Programming Languages

I apply a wifi lock before file transfers over wifi,
If the wifi goes off and comes back up, should I create a new lock ? or will the previous one still be valid ?

I do not know what android documentation has to say about it..


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How to convert Wifi RSSI to level of Wifi strength in menu bar in Mac OSX?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I can get the value of Wifi RSSI. but don't know how to convert it into level of Wifi strength as we can see in the menubar in Mac OSX (If I receive a strong Wifi, the wifi status will be bold black on all 4 lines of wifi icon).

Is there any methods or library that I can use to do this? Thx in advance.

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Is it possible to create a local WiFi network with Cocoa while staying connected to an existing Internet-enabled WiFi connection?
Category : Mobile Programming

I do a lot of development that requires creating local networks on my machine in order to connect to them on my mobile devices. When you create a network, you disconnect from your existing network and lose internet access. Is there any way to programmatically create a network while still maintaining a second WiFi connection that can access the Internet?

As an aside, it's possible on

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How to Boost Wifi Signals with a Wifi Repeater and antennas
Category : Computers
If you are having trouble connecting to a wifi hotspot, your home wireless network or another person's network such as in an RV park there are a couple of different means of boosting the signal.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Relocate your router or wireless adapter. There are three main ways to boost a signal from a wifi network. Adding a wifi repeater, adding a high gain wifi antenna a

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Getting wifi broadcast address in Android wifi hotspot
Category : Android

I'm developing an app that uses wifi to broadcast UDP messages between all the mobiles that are in the same network that have my app.

I managed to send/receive packets from many cellphones having an external AP, that's my router.

But given the case that there's no AP, I want users to be able to use their phone's Wifi Hotspot feature so they can still use my aplication. S

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