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How to Date a Widowed Man
by deanschang in Relationships & Family
The challenge of learning how to date a widowed man depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, how long it has been since his wife passed away, how she died and what his mindset is at present. There are few things that you can do to decide on whether this would be the right time to attempt a relationship with him or not. Some widowers need more time to heal than others and you s
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How to Move in to Help Your Widowed Mom
by sub-80 in Relationships & Family
Whether your mother is elderly or relatively young for a widow, the time after her husband's passing will be a period of loneliness and uncertainty. The simple presence of her child will ease some of her sadness. You may not be able to do much more than take the time every week to sit and talk, or circumstances may necessitate your moving in with your widowed mother. If you are going through the g

How to Help a Widowed Parent
by Bado in Relationships & Family
The loss of a spouse can be devastating. When a parent is grieving the death of a life partner, support of family members and friends can be an important part of the grieving and healing process. A widowed parent who's left to raise and care for children on her own can benefit from the support and help of others. Knowing how to help can make all the difference in supporting the remaining spouse th

How to Attract a Guy After Being Widowed
by Triumph in Relationships & Family
Loneliness is a common feeling to have after being widowed. When you are ready to move on and are done with your grief, take a refresher course on attracting a guy. Be yourself, be confident, treat yourself to a new look and allow yourself happiness by finding a new partner.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Physical attractiveness is just one element in attraction.romance image by Robert K

How to Care for a Widowed Mother
by NikolaeVarius in Relationships & Family
A widowed mother is hit with a number of complex problems all in a single moment. Not only must she deal with the emotional pain of losing her husband, but she might also have financial stress involved with having to supporting herself and her children alone. A widowed mother will need support from her children, her other relatives and her friends. She may also get help from strangers going throug

How to Restart Dating After Being Widowed
by Danny in Relationships & Family
Deciding to date after being widowed can be difficult. First, you must deal with the inevitable heartbreak, sadness, grief and anger you will naturally experience after losing your spouse. Those feelings may never fully dissipate but will gradually lessen over time. When making the decision to date, expect to deal with your own possible misgivings and guilt, as well as the questions and concerns o

Scholarships for Widowed Women
by Dré in Personal Finance
Women whose husbands have died might be eligible for extra money for college through scholarship funds. Not only are widows typically able to apply for these scholarships, but many dependents are eligible as well. Speak to your college's financial aid representative to discuss grant and scholarship opportunities for widows. Thanks USAThis scholarship program is open to spouses and dependents of

How to Date a Widowed Man With Kids
by Dennis Caldwell in Relationships & Family
Finding love after a loss can be a wonderful thing when the timing is right. When it comes to dating a widower, the dating process is one of understanding, allowing grieving and taking things slowly to gain the trust of not only the widower, but that of his children.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Give him time to grieve. Before you date a widower, you need to allow him and his children

Tax Deductions for Widowed Persons
by crooter in Personal Finance
Losing a spouse often results in a loss of income or other financial difficulties for the widow. The federal government offers a number of tax deductions to ease the financial transition for widows during the first three years following his spouse's death. These deductions come primarily in the form of an alternate filing status. However, other tax benefits are also available. Understanding your t

How to File Taxes When Newly Widowed
by seigel in Personal Finance
While not normally known as the most sensitive of government agencies, the Internal Revenue Service does grant concessions for the newly widowed when the surviving spouse is filing her taxes for the first time after her spouse's death. Widows and widowers can continue to file a joint return for the year in which their spouses die. For up to two years following their death, they can file as a quali

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