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c++ : getting a wierd print out
by tong in Programming Languages

that's my code:

long base2(int number)
long result = 0;
int num = number;
int multi = 1;
int rem;
while(num > 0)
rem = num % 2;
result = result + (rem * multi);
num = num / 2;
multi = multi * 10;
return result;

I'm getting a weird print: <

A wierd error which i can't put my finger on
by Nick Durcholz in Programming Languages

Hello i have a if statement

$channel = (isset($radioInfo[$value])) ? (int) $radioInfo[$value][$radioKey][2] : null;

when i run the code (in cli) all works fine except i get the following message in my output

in /path/CollectCounters.php on line 53
in /path/CollectCounters.php on line 54
in /path/CollectCounters.php on line 53

Google Map's Zoom look wierd
by sm625 in Development Tools & Services

I have a Google map issue, everything seems to working except the Zoom buttons seem messed up

Here is an image of the map.

I'm guessing that something is overlapping but I'm not really sure.

Thanks for the help

ipad app wierd behavior
by arbeitandy in Operating Systems

My ipad project is master-detail view based. There is a button on detail view's toolbar, when user tap on the button, it popup a popover view to show four buttons (as menu). Three of buttons' actions are like the following (the three buttons show three different model form sheets):

- (void) showOnlineSgf

Flex 4 xml nodes doing something wierd
by rancherlee in Programming Languages

Ive been create some code that save an xml file and loads an xml file
and it does both perfectly.

here is where i found a bug. when i save a xml file then load it and finally re-save it does something really weird

so i save a file that looks like this

<series>51 Series</series>

on duplicate key wierd issue
by Joe in Databases

I'm using sql query in my project, with next code:

ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute "insert into open_offer_counters (offer_id, udid, open_counter) values #{opened_events.join(", ")} on duplicate key update open_counter = open_counter + 1"

I've added

add_index :open_offer_counters, :offer_id, :unique => true
add_index :open_offer_

Getting a wierd result from WM_GETFONT message
by keyed in Development Tools & Services

Actually am trying to get the font used in a windows form control which is running from the other application by using WM_GETFONT with SENDMESSAGE function but am ending always with 0 even if the font of the control is not System font. Plz.... help me out.

Thanks in advance....!

CCFollow and ParallaxNode works wierd
by Marcos de Carvalho in Programming Languages

I'm newbie, trying to integrate a CCsprite to follow one layer of parallaxnode.
It suppose to follow the bg04 sprite.
It turns out....., yes, it follows, but on the opposite direction.

Here is the code, please help, thanks!

-(void) addParaBG
CCSprite* bg01 = [CCSprite spriteWithFile:@"Page001bg01.png"];
CCSprite* bg02 = [CCSprite spriteWith

Android AppWidget Wierd Behavior
by Norway in Network & Servers

I have created a widget that retrieves html raw data and parses it out. The data is displayed to the widget correctly but when i launch the config activity of the widget and exit back out, the widget layout is reset and nothing is displayed on the widget, all text was deleted. The widget works flawlessly on android 4.0 and does not have this problem but on 2.3.3 it has this behavior. Any ideas

HIDManager Wierd CFRunLoop Termination
by BeeBoop in Programming Languages

I've created device matching and device removal callbacks, And need to run CFRunLoop to get those callbacks invoked whenever device plugged in and removed.

But the problem is, DeviceMatching callback takes a lot of processing time and depends on device to be attached, So I want to detect if device is removed by running the CFRunLoop for a limited time, and With that the device remov

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