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Activities to Do With Preschool Children About the Wild Wild West
by Hugo Hernan Buitrago Rios in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Teach preschoolers about the Wild Wild West while playing games, singing, eating foods and making crafts that have to do with the Old West. Small children love western themes and learn by doing with hands-on activities. Choosing themes like the Wild Wild West help children understand the history of America. DecorationDecorate the classroom with "Most Wanted" posters and ropes. Make horses out

How to Preserve Wild Game When Lost in the Wild
by cynix in Sports & Fitness
If you ever find yourself lost in the wild, knowing the basics of food preservation can help save your life. People have been drying meat without the aid of modern technology for thousands of years. If you are able to get your hands on wild game, preserving the meat can provide you with food for days or even weeks. The only tool you need to dry meat is a good knife. Nature provides the rest.Diffic

Difference Between Wild Salmon & Wild Caught Salmon
by Hungary in Food & Drink
Seafood markets designate salmon as being wild, wild-caught or farmed. Each of these terms has a commonly accepted meaning based on the life cycle of the salmon. Most jurisdictions monitor and control the numbers of each type of salmon caught, both by commercial and recreational fishermen. All species of salmon may have any of these designations attached to them. Wild SalmonSalmon, a popular ga

How to Tie a Wild Rag
by Pedro Varela in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Cowboys have handkerchief, bandanna and other accessories that they wear around their necks. One of those accessories is known as a wild rag and it is in a square shape, like a scarf. These fashion accessories can be made of silk which helps keep moisture like sweat away. Tie the wild rag into a basic knot or make it into a more traditional cowboy knot. The wild rag is tied into a square knot much
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Wild Yam Uses
by evgen_povt in Home & Garden
Wild yam might sound like a food, but it is actually an herb with many medicinal uses. Wild yam is used to treat a wide variety of conditions including menstrual cramps, coughing and colic, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. It is often used to treat basic aliments, although some women have used wild yam to control menopausal symptoms. However, no studies have been conducted t
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What Is Wild Yam Gel Used For?
by Rob B in Health
Wild yam gel is a topical gel that contains the wild yam herb. This gel, usually made by combining the wild yam with an aloe vera base, has been documented to aid the female hormone system. Transdermal EffectsWild yam is sometimes prepared as a gel-delivery system because this can be applied topically to the inner thighs, stomach or other areas. The herbal effects are absorbed transdermally, or
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About the Wild Crabapple
by jwright30 in Home & Garden
Different types of wild crabapple trees grow in various locations across North America. These trees all belong to the Rose family, characterized by small sizes, toothed leaves, fragrant blossoms and fruit smaller in size than that found on commercial apple trees, according to "Trees of North America." Wild crabapples have plenty of nutritional value to the wildlife in the areas where they grow.

How to Know When a Wild Egg Is Rotten
by jwright30 in Food & Drink
Foraging is a type of food-gathering that has grown in popularity over the years. It involves going into the wild and finding food such as mushrooms, plants and animal proteins to eat, including eggs. The problem is that if you are not careful, you could possibly find food that is rancid, which could sicken you tremendously. This is especially true of eggs. There is an easy way to test wild eggs,
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How to Tie Wild Sage
by Mandaris in Home & Garden
Wild sage is a perennial plant that is cultivated in home gardens in addition to growing wild across North America and Europe. The stems are woody and the leaves are very aromatic. When it's time to harvest your sage, you may want to dry it for either culinary, aromatic or spiritual purposes. In addition to flavoring meals, bundles of sage or smudge sticks have been used for centuries to cleanse a
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How to Get Rid of Wild Peacock
by chr6 in Home & Garden
Peacocks are beautiful pheasants that originate from India, Pakistan and Burma. Although they originate from Asia and usually do not ever like to travel far from home, they have managed to find homes in the wild all over the world, and can be often found in parks in Europe. These birds are not exactly the best kind of birds to live with though. They can be irritating, irritable, loud, messy, and u
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