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The Average Salary of Wildlife Biology & Wildlife Management Employees
by sirjoekcb in Business
Those involved in wildlife biology and wildlife management help manage habitats and recreational areas to support wildlife and encourage the enjoyment of wildlife by surrounding communities. A career in wildlife biology or wildlife management can offer those interested in exploring the great outdoors a chance to get paid to pursue a passion. Employment BasicsWildlife biologists have a wide rang

How to Become a Wildlife Photographer
by CodeOfficer in Arts & Entertainment
Photographing wildlife can either be a thrilling hobby or a lucrative career. Whether your goals include award-winning photographs in National Geographic or simply capturing the fox that lives nearby, you'll need to prepare in order to become a successful wildlife photographer.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Take classes other than traditional photography classes. Wildlife biology

What Does a Wildlife Manager Do?
by Griff in Careers & Job Searching
Wildlife managers perform a wide variety of jobs in their daily work. They may track and survey animals, manage hunts, do fieldwork and raise rare animals--all with the objective of managing wildlife and its habitats. They are usually employed by agencies and firms that need someone to manage natural resources, such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. HistoryFew laws existed for hunting wild

Ecotourism & Wildlife
by Wild Thing in Travel
As defined by Absolute Astronomy, ecotourism is the act of carefully traveling to fragile, pristine and usually protected areas through low impact means and on a small scale. The purpose is to educate the traveler, provide funds for conservation, economically benefit the local communities and encourage stronger relations between different cultures. However, due to a lack in international regulatio

How to Get a Job in Wildlife Rescue
by Jarques in Careers & Job Searching
For anyone who loves wildlife and wishes to help nature's creatures thrive in their natural habitat, a career in wildlife rescue may seem like a dream come true. However, these nonprofit jobs require a lot of dedication and are usually low-paying. The daily chores at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility consist of cleaning, feeding and dealing with a largely ignorant public. But for the
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How to Help Endangered Wildlife
by ancapdev in Hobbies, Games & Toys
When an animal becomes extinct, it changes the ecosystem and brings a negative reaction from people who appreciate the diversity on earth. Animals that are endangered include the Siberian tiger, blue whale, green sea turtle and Asian elephant. People today are trying to save some of these wild animals in a variety of ways. You can help because there is still time to help these animals recover to a

How to Become a Wildlife Manager?
by Bateluer in Careers & Job Searching
Although your love of nature probably steered you toward a career working with wildlife, you will also need an education to become a wildlife manager. Working in the wildlife and forestry department will be work--lots of hard work--even if you love the outdoors and animals. Wildlife management jobs can be found within wildlife and forestry departments, at zoos and at ecological and conservation ag

How to Be a Wildlife Cameraman
by WellBeing in Careers & Job Searching
Capturing animal activity on film at exotic destinations around the world is a dream job to many a nature lover and budding photographer. Although the work can involve both dangerous encounters with nature at its fiercest and long hours waiting for a crucial piece of footage, it can be immensely satisfying to witness nature in all its detailed glory. Initiating a career as a wildlife photographer

Traps for Wildlife
by Kiltec in Sports & Fitness
People trap wildlife for a variety of reasons, including to remove nuisance pests and as sport to sell their fur. Trappers use four main types of traps -- conibear, leghold, snare and cage traps. Each trap catches animals in different ways, but trappers who know how to use them can target nearly any animal species they desire. ConibearConibear traps, also known as body gripping traps, are desig
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Wildlife Job Descriptions
by nipj in Careers & Job Searching
Various jobs entail working directly with wildlife. Each different wildlife job requires different levels of education and different skills. Some jobs require direct contact with wildlife, while other jobs require occasional work with wild animals. If you are looking for a job with a little exposure to wildlife or complete contact with wildlife, it is important to know a little about the duties re

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