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Cessna 172 Camber Lift Wing Vs. Straight Wing
by Matthew Damp in Careers & Job Searching
The camber wing airfoil as it is applied to a Cessna 172 is quite different from the straight wing airfoil. Both wings generate lift but were designed for difference performance envelopes. The straight wing was developed before the camber wing design for faster aircraft designs where speed is the primary consideration for the design, such as for jet fighters and supersonic aircraft. BackgroundC

Left Wing Vs. Right Wing Hockey
by Rafael V. Souza in Sports & Fitness
To the average hockey viewer, a left winger and right winger might seem to play the same position, but just on opposite sides of the center. This is often true in youth levels of the game. But as players gain more skill and advance to higher levels of competition, the criteria and roles of the positions can be different. CriteriaIn most cases, players play the wing that suits their shooting sty

How to Sail Wing on Wing
by Munir in Sports & Fitness
Sailing wing on wing is a technique that puts the foresail on the opposite tack of the mainsail as the boat runs downwind. The result is that the two sails spread out in front of the boat, catching the wind, like two spread wings. To use this effective sailing technique to gain some speed out of light winds follow these steps.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Get to a downwind point
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What Is a Wing Mirror?
by YoNGaR in Cars
Anyone who has seen a modern car or other vehicle has most likely seen a wing mirror. Wing mirrors are the mirrors jutting out from the sides of the car, not unlike a set of wings, that help the driver get a better view of the road. Some wing mirrors may be melded onto the sides of the vehicle, while others are attached separately. Regardless of how they are hooked to a vehicle, all wing mirrors s
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How to Make a Wing Fan
by Scott Walsh in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Feathers and whole wings are made into ceremonial dance fans or shamanic tools for trance and healing by members of Native American nations. Although all birds are sacred and are endowed with their own symbolism, Native Americans seek certain birds' feathers more frequently, including the goose and the eagle. However, some feathers used in wing fans are from birds protected by the Endangered Speci
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How to Fix a Duck's Wing
by Marcos de Carvalho in Pets
In the wild, a duck with a broken wing may have difficulty surviving because of its vulnerability to predators and infection. Finding a duck with an injured wing could save its life, though it is important to handle the duck very carefully during any attempt to fix its wing, so as to avoid causing it further injury. You will need a means of transport to bring the duck to a safe and quiet place bef
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How to Cover an RC Wing
by YBS1 in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Collecting and flying RC airplanes can turn into an expensive hobby depending on the number and types of planes you have in your collection. You should do everything you can to protect your investment. One way you can do this is by covering your RC airplane with shrink wrap film that adds structural stability to the plane's body. This involves careful preparation and application but well worth the
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How to Add XM to My Gold Wing
by odunthorne in Cars
Honda Gold Wing motorcycles are an extremely successful brand and are often used for long distance and cross-country travel. Satellite radio opens up a new avenue of entertainment for motorcycle enthusiasts, providing hundreds of channels and the potential for thousands of hours of entertainment. There are several ways you can obtain XM Radio for your Gold Wing.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions C
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How to Set Up Tmail on Wing
by drnickriviera in Electronics
If you are setting up a T-Mobile Wing that you just received you must manually configure the device to access your Tmail email account. T-Mobile offers users "Tmail" accounts associated with the carrier's phones. The T-Mobile Wing is capable of automatically synchronizing the email application with your existing Tmail account. Once configured you can send and receive messages on the devi
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How to Fix an RC Airplane Wing
by Dan Lowe in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Sometimes flying your RC airplane entails watching it land unexpectedly, often with enough force as to damage the airplane wing. Unless the damage is so extensive that you’re left with chunks of foam or splinters of wood, the wing can often be repaired. Repairing a wing requires many of the same skills, tools and equipment as those involved in building the wing in the first place. It’s
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