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Tax on Prize Winners
by Brian O'Neill in Personal Finance
Entering contests and vying for prizes can be fun, but if you are lucky enough to win, you need to consider the impact of taxes. The Internal Revenue Service considers the cash you win and the value of any prizes to be taxable income, and you must report that money when you file your tax return. Casino Wins and LossesIf you enjoy visiting a casino, it can help to keep track of all your play, ev
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Qualities of Winners
by Krysole in Sports & Fitness
Some qualities of winners are habits, or the things they do; others are attitudes, or the way they see the world. There is no single formula for becoming a winner, or even a single definition of "winner." However, people who have a high degree of success in areas they find valuable tend to share certain qualities in some combination. OptimismBefore you can achieve something, you need to belie

Tax Strategies for Lottery Winners
by obijywk in Personal Finance
Winning the lottery might provide you with enough money to fix all of your financial problems for life. When you win the lottery, you should deal with the taxes that come with those winnings before you start spending all of your money. There are a few different ways that you can handle your taxes in this situation. Payment ChoiceWhen you win the lottery, you will generally be able to choose bet

How Many States Tax Their Lottery Winners?
by Kevin in Personal Finance
Winning a multi-million dollar lottery is every gambler's dream. It's also in the dreams of many taxing authorities, too. While not all of the states that permit the lottery force its winners to pay state taxes, many do. Regardless of state residence, lottery winners must pay federal taxes. Nevertheless, it's a small price to pay for what many consider the ultimate American dream. MegaMillions

Lottery Winners Advice
by Maine in Personal Finance
Winning the lottery is a dream come true for many people. A lottery win can have a huge impact on many areas of your life including your finances, friendships and romantic relationships. Proper money management is essential to avoid problems and make the money last long-term. Lump Sum or AnnuityOne of your first decisions is whether to take your earnings as lump sum or as annuity. Many lotterie

algorithm to pick set of winners using different weights
by GunnarHafdal in Coding

I'm attempting to design an algorithm that does the following.


I've a set of keys (total n) that are mapped to set of properties. The properties contain the weight for each property and the value for the property.


Identify a set of keys that are qualified (total k) based on the set of properties and their respective weights and

Notify promotion winners through Notification API
by Saurabh in Development Tools & Services

I know that the Promotion Guidelines clearly prohibits notifying the winner of a promotion through Facebook.

Would notifying winners through the notification API be a violation of this rule? (The user receive a message clearly from the application and not from Facebook, so I believe the user wouldn't be wrongly led to believe it was a promotion sponsored by Facebook)


Financial Advice for Lottery Winners
by Kishore in Personal Finance
Congratulations on hitting the big one. Some would say your problems are over, but the truth is, more money tends to attract more problems. You may have already heard the horror stories of people just like yourself who won the lottery and somehow lost it all, ending up worse off than before Lady Luck showered them with riches. It doesn't have to be that way, if you keep a level head and manage you

Problems That Lottery Winners Have Faced
by IeraseU in Culture & Society
Everyone dreams of being blessed with riches. However, actual blessings of such riches have prompted many lottery winners to curse under their breath. Few lottery winners are endowed with the ability to manage vast sums of money with ease. Most encounter problems and some winners have even wished that they could turn back time and forget their fortunes altogether. Unscrupulous AssociatesLottery

How Much Money Do Super Bowl Winners Get?
by Maine in Sports & Fitness
The Super Bowl has become America's game in the last few decades as people with even scant knowledge of football tune in to see what all of the hype is about. The hype started almost from the beginning when the game was known as the AFL-NFL World Championship. Then NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle set out to make it the biggest thing in sports and that included the winning share -- a then unheard of


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