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How to Hook Up a Wireless-N 300 Router & Wireless-N 300 USB Adapter to Make a Laptop Wireless
by Gerhard Miller in Computers
The Wireless-N 300 router and adapter kit from Netgear provides you with the necessary hardware to make your laptop wireless, if it does not include a built-in Wi-Fi antenna. The equipment uses Wireless-N technology to spread the connection from your DSL service to Wi-Fi devices in your home. The Wireless-N protocol features improved network stability and connection speeds and is backward compatib

How to View the Wireless Adapter Signal Strength While Running Wireless on Windows XP
by James Dio in Computers
Computer wireless network adapters use radio frequencies to establish the Internet connection (Wi-Fi). The performance and quality of a wireless connection significantly depends on the signal strength. Microsoft Windows XP includes a built in monitor of the wireless network connection status. This monitoring becomes available once you set up the wireless connection on your computer. Use Windows XP

How to Configure the Linksys Wireless Print Server With a Netgear Wireless Router
by Floubadour in Computers
A Linksys Wireless Print Server allows computers that are on the same wireless network to print wirelessly from the same printer. The Linksys Wireless Print Server will work with a Netgear wireless router as long as it is configured to connect to router's wireless network and the print server's IP address does not conflict with the router. The second condition is not really an issue, however, as

Can a Wireless Network Card work as a Wireless Access Point in Laptop
by jaredsmiller in Operating Systems

I have a laptop with wireless and LAN card. I have a wired Internet connection. Can I use my wireless network card as wireless access point and then bridge the lan and wireless connection. So that I can access the internet in other wireless devices like Ipod Touch.My OS is Windows XP.


How to Compare Wireless Print Servers & Wireless Server Software
by Derek in Computers
Wireless print servers and server software enable the sharing of one or more printers by a computer network. The wireless print server is typically connected to the shared printer as well as the network's wireless router. Setup software is required to be installed on one of the network's computers to establish the print server's configuration. Client network software installation is required on al

Differences Between a Compact Wireless Adapter & an External Wireless Card
by Viren in Computers
Network adapters are devices that can be installed into a laptop to provide wireless Internet access. External wireless cards can be a number of sizes and rely on different interfaces, while a compact wireless adapter is a type of external wireless card the size of a thumb drive that connects via USB. Compact Wireless AdapterCompact wireless adapters, sometimes called wireless USB adapters, giv

How Do I Set Up a Wireless Router With a Verizon Wireless Broadband Access Card?
by Josh Tegart in Computers
Mobile broadband allows you to connect almost anywhere. With a compatible router, you can share your connection with multiple devices. Your wireless router must be compatible with your Verizon Wireless Broadband Access card. In other words, if your router includes only an ethernet-based WAN (Wide Area Network) port, you will be unable to use your Verizon Wireless Broadband Card in that router and

How to Make My Wireless Network Secure Using a WRT54G Wireless-G Router
by svn in Computers
The Linksys WRT54G is a wireless router. The device connects to the modem on your computer and broadcasts a local wireless signal. This signal can be detected by your computer and other nearby Wi-Fi devices. This is a great convenience, eliminating the need for wired connections, but unless you secure the network, any computer or device within range of your router can receive and utilize your wire

How to Make a Wireless Ethernet Adapter Find a Wireless Camera
by sinisterDei in Computers
Computers have reached an age where cables are no longer necessary for connecting to outside hardware such as printers, scanners and even cameras. However, with the lack of a cable, the likelihood of problems increases, possibly causing the connection between the computer and hardware to disconnect. If you are trying to connect a wireless camera to a computer using a Ethernet adapter to receive th

iphone wireless connection, connectivity fails after turning wireless off/on again
by Ichinisan in Network & Servers

i have a pretty basic iphone app, makes some web calls with:

NSData *response = [NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:request returningResponse:nil error:nil];

In testing, if I stop the app, turn off wireless, and restart the app (not kill and restart, just bring to foreground), I continue to get errors on any network url attempts. But other apps (safari, e

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