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What Is a Sea Witch?
by Jerome in Culture & Society
Sea witches controlled the weather for seafarers to assure they had a safe journey in British folklore. The sea witch tradition also entails stories of women who had the ability to move the winds and create storms. These witches primarily concentrate on the tides, Moon lore and practical weather magic. Today sea witches deal with the hectic forces of nature and deal with grey magic, which keeps a
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Witch Hat Craft
by Steve in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A witch's hat is a sure sign of Halloween being just around the corner. If you're dressing up as a witch this year, you can make a homemade hat using paper or felt. Or, you can take a ready-made witch's hat from a costume shop and customize it to look as unique as you like. PaperPaper is a quick and easy material to make a witch hat from, and you can use whatever you have on hand, be it constru
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How to Make a Witch's Hut
by Chunkee in Holidays & Celebrations
When you picture a witch's hut, you probably picture a certain aesthetic. Though modern pagans live and work just like everyone else, the word "witch" still conjures up visions of potions bubbling over hearth fires. Incorporate these witchy elements in your home for a haunted Halloween party or for your everyday décor, whether you're pagan or just love the look.Teens may also enjoy turning
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How to Do Witch Eye Makeup?
by fletchnj in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
A sexy witch costume is fun for any Halloween or costume party. Whether your face will be green or flesh-colored, the eye makeup will complete your look. Using only a few products, you can create a haunting look that other guests will remember. If you are wearing green foundation with your makeup, select an eyeshadow color that is a shade or two darker to make sure it stands out.Difficulty:Moderat
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How to Sew Your Own Witch Costume
by nipj in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Witches are a common theme for Halloween parties. The supernatural aspects of witches and sorcery fit the ghoulish atmosphere of the holiday, making witch costumes popular. The outfits are readily available for purchase or rent in most costume stores. But many costumes, especially the less-expensive ones, come in one-size only, and it may be difficult to find one that fits someone exceptionally la
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What Were the Causes of the Witch Hunt?
by chadrico in Culture & Society
From about 1400 to about 1800, between 50,000 and 200,000 people in Europe and the British colonies, such as Salem, Massachusetts, were executed as witches, according to professor Brian A. Pavlac of Pennsylvania's King's College. Witch hunting activity varied in intensity. For example, Germany and France had several hunts while Spain and the Netherlands had very few. No one theory explains them al

How to Dress Up Like a Witch
by JackBurton in Holidays & Celebrations
Whether it's for Halloween, a themed party or just for the fun of it, dressing up in costume is enjoyable activity that interests both the young and old. One of the most popular costume choices is a witch. Follow these steps and you will be looking like a spooky, scary witch in next to no time.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Green face paint
Temporary hairspray or black
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How to Do Your Makeup Like a Witch
by Darin in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
The witch of today's imagination is an iconic, nocturnal beauty with a few tricks up her sleeve and a penchant for darkness. Even if you don't practice magic, looking like a witch puts you in touch with otherworldly charm. Movies like "The Craft" and modern-day trends have transcended the grotesque stereotypes of the wicked witch of olden-days, and made witchy makeup look dark, mysterious and beau

When to Use Witch Hazel Oil
by Ben Humphrys in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Witch hazel is among the many roots historically used for medicinal purposes. Known as Hamamelis viginiana, witch hazel's other commonly used names, based on geography, are snapping hazel, winter bloom, spotted alder, tobacco wood and hamamelis water, according to Drugs Information On-line. When boiling or long-term soaking the Hamamelis in olive oil, witch hazel oil is created. Using the oil base
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How to Make a Witch Hat
by walkur in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Nothing says costume party or Halloween like a witch’s costume complete with an infamous, pointy hat. Create your very own, custom-made witch hat for a minimal cost and your child will be proud to wear the hat you created just for her. Older children can get in on the act and help out, too, while younger children can help by decorating the witch's hat when it's finished for a one-of-a-kind c
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