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How can I use grep to see if my word in a array has a match with list of word in dictionary and extract the exact single word?
Category : Programming Languages

Thanks for the answers... i am trying the different possibilities with all your answers.
one thing: i could not be that much clearer in asking question to you all, ie. i m applying this RE in my local script/character(similar to Tibetan Script) and not in English word.

foreach my $word (@list)
if(grep(/$word/, $dict)) # i have dict in scalar ($dict)

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Excel macro to read text file word by word and write every word to a new cell in the same column
Category : Programming Languages

I have a huge txt file with email ids delimited by , (space), or ;, or a combination of these.

I would like to separate these email ids and write them into new cells in just one column, row after row in the excel file.

Excel's delimited import is unable to show all ids as there are only 256 columns. And the number of words I have r

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How to make forward-word, backward-word, treat underscore as part of a word?
Category : Programming Languages

In my C# mode, M-b and M-f are bound to {backward,forward}-word.

But these things stop at underscores, which I use sometimes as a prefix on member variables.

How do I get emacs to treat the underscore as a word character?

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How do I Make Word My Default Word Processing Program Instead of Word Perfect?
Category : Computers
Microsoft Word 2010 and WordPerfect X5, both released in 2010, are two different word processing programs that allow users to format and customize typed documents on a computer. The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system allows users to choose which program will open certain file types as the default program. This feature can be used to change whether Word 2010 or WordPerfect X5 launches when you op

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Algorithm to remove a character from a word such that the reduced word is still a word in dictionary
Category : Programming Languages

Here is the scenario, Given a word remove a single character from a word in every step such that the reduced word is still a word in dictionary. Continue till no characters are left.

Here is the catch:
You need to remove the right character, for eg. in a word there may be two possible characters which could be removed and both may cause the reduced word to be a valid word, but

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How to read word(or character) on txt file from the last word to the first word in python?
Category : Programming Languages

Example: I have a file as :
filename1 = "I am a student" (inside filename1 have I am a student )

f = open(filename1)
string = f.read()
spl = re.split('s|(?<!d)[,.](?!d)',string)

print spl will show:
I am a student , but I need the result as [student a am I]
could you answer me please...
Thanks in advance.

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REGEX a word in a paragraph, but not a word containing that word, unless its a plural
Category : Programming Languages

I am highlighting words in a body of text.

If I regex "Port" the word "Portuguese" is highlighted too, but I need "Ports" to be highlighted.

Any ideas? I hate regex.


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Passing along variable inside link works only on first word in multiple-word-variables, why?
Category : Programming Languages

I have this code below. As you can see I am passing two variables along with the link.
The second variabye (category) works whenever it consists of one word, but some categories are two words or more, and then on the receiving php page where I fetch the variable only the first word is fetched.

Example: I pass along this: Rims & Tires
Only this

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check if a word exist in html and append a registered trademark symbol after that word
Category : Programming Languages

good day.

is it possible to check if a word exist in HTML pages and if that word exist, append a superscript registered trademark symbol after that word.

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Python program that finds most frequent word in a .txt file, Must print word and its count
Category : Programming Languages

As of right now, I have a function to replace the countChars function,

def countWords(lines):
wordDict = {}
for line in lines:
wordList = lines.split()
for word in wordList:
if word in wordDict: wordDict[word] += 1
else: wordDict[word] = 1
return wordDict

but when I run the program it spits out this

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