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Remove “Get smart with the Thesis Wordpress Theme” on wordpress footer
by Francois in Programming Languages

Been spending a couple of hours trying to remove this texts on the footer "Get smart with the Thesis" on my wordpress site. I used thesis theme. I've tried looking for the footer file containing the texts but no luck. I also tried removing it from the hooks. "custom_functions.php" but still doesn't work. Any help would greatly appreciated.

How to “save” my wordpress blog's posts in same url format and remove wordpress?
by rancherlee in Programming Languages

I have a Wordpress blog running on my site and I have no time to continuously upgrade the software and I pretty much want to remove wordpress. It's broken at this point anyway, I can't really get into the admin area, but I suppose I could try to hack my way through.

Anyway, I'd like to save the posts that I have and keep them under the same URL structure so they're still relevant in

How to change or find submit function of WP-CRM - Customer Relations Management for WordPress in wordpress
by GunnarHafdal in Web Design

I use WP-CRM - Customer Relations Management for WordPress website and i want to provide some more functionality when user submit Contact Us form of my website, how can i find submit function in CRM.

bandwidth usage suddenly increased in wordpress site after wordpress 3.5 update
by Geoffrey De Smet in Web Design

I am facing bandwidth issue, for last (2012) whole year bandwidth usage of my wordpress site was 11.66 GB, after updating wordpress to version 3.5 in early january 2013, bandwidth usage for my site for jan-2013 is 38.76 GB.

do anyone have any idea for this issue?

thanks in advance

Google webmaster tools message: upgrade wordpress -for my already updated wordpress
by cautionsign in Web Design

I am getting a message in my webmaster tools , to upgrade a wordpress to latest version . But i have already upgraded to a new wordpress one month ago , but the message still persists .

I created a new wordpress with latest version and changed the wordpress url of the old one and disabled search engine crawling in the old one - should that be an issue .

How to call Wordpress snippets in external/independent PHP file (outside of Wordpress)
by skulldrinker in PHP

I'm trying to set up an independent PHP file which has the ability to use a shortcode of a plugin currently installed. This file is to be completely external from my current Wordpress installation.

I'm doing this as the php file (and ultimately plugin shortcode functionality) needs to be called by ESI as my website is being handled by Varnish.

The plugin I'm using: http:

Adding inline wordpress comment functionality to a non-wordpress page
by dcutting in Programming Languages

I have created a wordpress.org blog on my website but I do not use the actual blog page to display the blog posts. Initially I tried to style the wordpress blog to match my site, but since wordpress' theme is too constricted I decided to use "the loop" to gather the_author_posts_link, the_title, the_content, etc and display them on my main page. (reference: http://www.corvidworks.com/articles/w

Facebook connect and WordPress: AJAX calls to WordPress very slow
by David Bjornn in Web Design

I have a html5 web app at http://bit.ly/HT8a3c that has a Facebook connect button.

On the root domain I have a WordPress install with the simple-facebook-connect plugin installed and from the html5 web app we want users to be able to login using Facebook connect.

The problem I'm having is that the AJAX calls to WordPress are quite slow. On the server it is doing a wp_si

how to upload plug-in in wordpress site (http://wordpress.org)
by sdifox in Web Design

I have Created a plugin in word press.I wanted to upload it on official word press site in order to allow developers and other peoples to download that plugin.
The official site is word press is http://wordpress.org/

In short i wanted to upload my plugin to the following url


so that it can be listed as other plugins

Link anchor tag in wordpress site to wordpress page
by Justin Blanton in Web Design

I am trying to move a website of static pages over to wordpress. In my main navigation menu on the main page, how do I edit the navigation menu such that when I clicked on the links the user is directed to the other static html pages as well? I knew pages in wordpress are similar in function, so how do I actually put the html code for them in these pages in wordpress? Been trying out but have n

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