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ASP.NET MVC Workshop
by clubbedseal in Programming Languages

I am an MVC developer since ASP.NET MVC Preview 1 and my company chose me as an instructor for an MVC 2 workshop. The session will last for 3 hours and I have not yet decided about the contents of the workshop.

What would you tell about MVC 2 in 3 hours to grab and keep the people's attention?


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How to Do a Workshop
by Nate Bedortha in Careers & Job Searching
Some helpful tips and instructions on what exactly is needed to design and lead a workshop.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
And People to Try Them On

Sit down and figure out what the topic of your workshop is.This could range from:
- Time Management
- Recruitment
- Teamwork
- Public Speaking
- Org

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How to Use TSR Workshop
by smbrant in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Sims Resource (TSR) Workshop is a program that allows users to create custom content for the simulation video game "The Sims 3." Users can choose to edit existing content in the game or create original objects for your sims. Many types of objects can be created, such as makeup, hairstyles, clothing, accessories, house hold items and floor patterns. Once you have downloaded TSR Worksh
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Add autocompletion jsf Workshop 10.3
by Stringjam in Programming Languages

I use workshop 10.3 to develop my application and I would like to know how I can configure it to have autocompletion in jsf file.

Workshop has autocompletion in jsp file but my file extension is xhtml and with this extension, I can't have autocompletion.

Thanks for your help.

How to Add a Workshop to a Garage
by Lucas Thompson in Home & Garden
A garage owner may find it handy to set up a workshop in the small room. The area will give ready access to tools for car repairs or will support the needs of a woodworking, welding or craft shop. You may need a work area along one wall, or a space away from the main house to start a small business. Divide the garage space in half or dedicate the entire area to your workshop needs.Difficulty:Moder
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How to Set Up a Classroom Workshop
by Bruce in Education
Today's classrooms are often smaller classrooms within a classroom. These mini classrooms are referred to as workshops and may be devoted to science, reading, math or a wide variety of other subjects. Allotting an area in which to concentrate on specific subject areas tends to facilitate instruction by reducing transition time between activities.
The workshop also affords the added advantage

How to Set Up a Garage Workshop
by Kapishin in Home & Garden
"The Shop," "The Office," -- whatever you want to call the garage, it can serve as a very personal workshop space where creativity can blossom and stress can be relieved. In order to make the most of of a garage workshop, it is important to organize the space and contents to allow maximum enjoyment and productivity in a minimal amount of space.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
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How to Use the Workshop in Dominion
by Nate Childers in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Dominion is one of the hottest new games in 2008. This card game has 25 different cards, each with a different effect. One of the most overlooked cards is the Workshop, which allows you to gain a card of value 4 or less when you play it. Although this amount cannot be added to, the card is quite powerful.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Dominion card game


How to Run a Workshop or Seminar
by SeaSerpent in Careers & Job Searching
A good seminar can bring you more money and clients. Creating a valuable workshop that speaks to your participants is your goal. Accomplishing this involves understanding what appeals to your audience and delivering the program effectively.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Decide on a compelling topic. Understand your area of expertise and do your market research. Poll the sphere
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How do I Set Up a Computer Workshop?
by jgood in Computers
Computers are in high demand because of their ability to transfer data from one location to another and perform tasks for entertainment or work. For example, Government Technology reports that over half of all workers 16 and older used a computer on the job. However, like all machines, computers are subject to wear and tear and get outdated. The high demand for computers, coupled with the need fo


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