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Alternatives to Greetings at Workshops
by Czech Republic in Business
When you are leading a workshop, one of the first things you need to do is greet the participants by introducing yourself and then have them introduce themselves to you and the rest of the group. While these introductions are useful, they can also be boring. Many workshop leaders use different icebreakers to make introductions more fun and get the workshop off to a great start. Fact or FictionA

How to Teach Art Workshops
by Danny in Arts & Entertainment
An art workshop can be a great place to learn a particular art skill in an afternoon, whether it be painting, drawing, watercolors or crafts. Art workshops not only provide an art lesson in a small amount of time but provide participants the opportunity to share their work with others and discuss ways to improve. A successful art workshop should be in a good location with plenty of space, incorpor
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Gifts for Men's Workshops
by clamum in Education
One key to giving gifts at men's workshops is to offer something that will make a positive impression and can be used in the future. With an appropriate gift, you can gain a loyal client or customer. When thinking of a gift to offer at a workshop, consider who your attendees are and what may interest them. For instance, if they are businessmen looking to advance in a career, then give out business
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Lighting for Workshops
by foghorn67 in Home & Garden
The answer to "Which light fixture is best suited to my workshop?" depends on the type of work and the size of the workshop in question. Large workshops that require consistent lighting throughout the room are best served by fixed position florescent or HID lamps and fixtures. Some workshops require specialized illumination over individual work areas. These lighting requirements can be served with

Workshops to Improve Communication
by el3ctron in Relationships & Family
Effective communication is essential for better relationships, whether in business or personal. You will not succeed at either type of interpersonal communication, unless you can demonstrate you understand another person's point of view from his perspective. This is important, even given you disagree with the person's opinion of the situation. If you feel you would benefit from improvement in this

Traveling Workshops for Kids
by novatv.stdios in Parties & Entertaining
Traveling workshops provide the ideal opportunity to help your kid learn about various trends, including dance, jewelry making, cookery and education. Schmahl Science WorkshopThis mobile science workshop brings the classroom to under-served schools and Bay Area families. It is a mobile educational program that was taught to more than 25,000 students throughout Peninsula, covering Gilroy to Sout

Activities for Teacher Workshops
by Drift King in Education
Teacher workshops are regularly conducted in school districts throughout the country. These workshops are supposed to hone teachers' skills, as well as provide motivation and encouragement related to the education profession. The activities that you plan for a teacher workshop are extremely important. You will need to provide relevant, useful activities if you want your teachers to leave the works

Family Communication Workshops
by 007ELmO in Relationships & Family
Especially when each member of the family is busy with his own activities, family communication can decline, causing the family to drift apart. In other cases, family communications may fall apart due to stressful situations. To help families learn to communicate better in spite of their busy lives, some organizations offer family communication workshops. PurposeThe purpose of family communicat

Classroom Management Workshops
by Lucas Thompson in Education
Classroom management is often one of the biggest challenges in the teaching profession. Undergraduate teacher training programs include courses on classroom management and discipline, but teachers need real-life experience in order to implement and adjust strategies. It is important for teachers to reeducate themselves on effective methods of classroom management to have a successful, satisfying c

Writing Workshops in the Third Grade
by ZsA in Education
After learning the basics of writing and the English language earlier in elementary school, third grade students are ready to put those skills to work. Writing workshops can be held within the classroom or as extracurricular activities. These workshops allow third graders to explore and learn about different writing styles they will use in future classes as they progress to higher grade levels in

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