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actionscript socket readBytes() <- java app write() write() write()
by swilli89 in Java

I,m a newbie in action script. I developing a flex application using socket for IO.

The problem is I cant read bytes through action script socket from a various writes from the server side without writing something to the server (that reads my writes) after each flexapp read.

For example this is works fine:

server: write()


Is it possible to write working code that uses read/write .config for ASP.Net Web Application type projects?
by Indiana in ASP & ASP.net

I have been employing the content shown here and successfully test ran it in a Console Application type project, however in attempting to adapt the code (with some modifications so as to successfully eliminate build errors) for an ASP.Net Web Application project I wind up receiving the following run-time error.

Server Error in '/' Application.

exePath must be specified when not

How to group a database write and spreadsheet write in single “transaction”
by terrestris in Programming Languages

I have a Java program that writes results to both a DB (SQL Server) and a spreadsheet (POI), and it would be best if neither is written to if there's an error with either.

It would be a lot worse if the spreadsheet was produced and then an error happened while saving to the DB, so I'm doing the DB-write first. Even so, I'm wondering if someone knows of a way to guarantee they bot

Error when attempting to write to event log - Cannot open log for source 'SourceName'. You may not have write access
by in Programming Languages

We're currently trying to integrate existing classic ASP pages into our new method of logging to the event log. We're achieving this by calling a .NET assembly exposed as a COM object which does the actual logging to event log. This all works correctly, however when we try to write to the event log we get an error "Cannot open log for source 'SourceName'. You may not have write access.". The

How many Write Ops is neccessary to write blob data(byte array) on appengine datastore?
by kanda in Development Tools & Services

I realized it is very expensive to create many new entities(and properties), so I decided to store data chunk (~50kb, zipped Json)in one entity as byte array (blob) to Datastore.

However, I have no idea how many write/read ops might be neccessary to write/read blob data. I wonder whether it is depends on size of blob data or it is just constant write/read ops.

Thank you

linux, write() system call returns -1 while attempting to write to file
by mitry in Programming Languages

In the below program write() returns -1 while writing to a file.

int main() {
int fd_r=0,fd_w=0;
int w_ret=100;
fd_r = open("reader.txt", O_RDONL

I can't write into the EditText, it disappears when i try to write something, its because the getView() is called when i modify the data
by loki8481 in Programming Languages


I found the reason which is that the getView() is called when i try to
edit something, so the data from the DataAdapter is loaded & my edited
changes disappears.


i observed one thing, if there are few rows in the listview then its
OK, but if there are many rows which the listview can not show in the
visible scre

How can I write extensions for Session without having to write separate methods for HttpSessionState and HttpSessionStateBase?
by dummyadresse in Programming Languages

I wrote the following extension methods for Session so that I can persist and retrieve objects by their type. This works well for my solution, but I ended up having to duplicate my extension methods to cover the old HttpSessionState and the new HttpSessionStateBase. I'd like to find a way to get these back down to one set that covers both types. Any thoughts?

public static class

Python IRC client: write from scratch or write plugin for existing framework?
by hochi in Programming Languages

For our company I'd like to have a Python based IRC bot which checks whether the websites of our clients are still up and running. More specific: I want to list a number of URL which should be visited every, say, 15 minutes. If it fails, the URL should be checked again after 5 minutes. If retrieving the URL still doesn't result in an HTTP status code 200, it should echo the failing URL in the c

Python: write to file multiple times without open/close for each write
by imported_bman in Programming Languages

How can i open file in python and write to it multiple times?

I am using speech recognition, and i want one file to change its contents based on what i say.
Other application needs to be able to read this file.
Is there way to do this, or i need to open/close for each write?

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