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I'm writing a screen capture module in Java, but I'm having serious performance issues writing screenshots to disk. What else can I do?
by Darin in Java

I'm writing a screen capture module using the Robot class. I'm taking screenshots of the application every x milliseconds and writing them to disk. After screen capture is finished, I'm compiling the screenshots to video with FFMPEG.

However, writing images to disk is extremely slow and grinds my application to a halt. What am I missing? Is there a better way to write a simple scree

Advantages of Collaborative Writing Versus Single Author Writing
by tong in Arts & Entertainment
Whether you are writing a book or working on a group research project, there are many advantages in the collaborative group writing process over the single author process. This process is not for everyone, and sometimes collaboration is not allowed, but it can be extremely beneficial in the correct context. It is advantageous to the writing process to have the expertise and viewpoints of multiple

How to open a file for reading and writing, writing over the previous content? (PHP)
by erlang in Programming Languages

I have a file that contains a single number. I want to open it so that I can read that number, perform some other statements, and then overwrite that number with a new one, finally closing the file.

Here's what I tried so far:

$file = fopen("last.txt","r+");
$firstNumber = fgets($file);

How to Teach Fifth-Grade Writing for the North Carolina Writing Test
by Kevin in Education
The North Carolina Board of Education Department of Public Instruction administers standardized tests to students as they exit grades three through eight and grade ten as part of the Accountability and Curriculum Reform Effort, a comprehensive initiative to improve education and curriculum. Each year, a different subject area is tested. In grades four, seven and ten, students take a writing exam.

Python : reading output from os.popen4 before writing writing stdin
by fedorafennec in Programming Languages

I have a script which executes some command using os.popen4. Problem is some time command being executed will require user input ("y" or "n"). I am reading stdout/stderr and printing it, but it seems question from command doesn't got printed and it hangs. To make it work, i had to write "n" to stdin blindly. Can some one please guide on how to handle it?

Code not working:


Explain Expository Writing Versus Technical Writing
by Ivan Maček in Education
Expository writing and technical writing may seem similar in some ways in that both intend to enlighten readers; however, the two writing styles are distinct in terms of their purposes and target audiences. A mechanic's magazine article may use a technical style to explain how an engine works, for example, whereas the expository style might be used to sway a political argument. The Purpose of E

File writing function isn't writing the correct information in PHP
by Gianluca Riccardi in PHP

I have 2 scripts one containing a function that writes a .csv file, and the other that calls the function.

The file writing function.

function exportMysqlToCsv($subid){
$sql = "SELECT * FROM campaigns";
$results = mysql_query($sql);
$getpub = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `publishers` WHERE `username` = '".$_SESSI

Android : Writing a jpeg comment into a jpg (while writing the jpg)
by Caleb Ames in Programming Languages

While porting my app to Android, I am trying to write a comment into a jpeg file and set the image quality, while creating the jpeg file. In standard java I use this:

JPEGImageEncoder encoder = JPEGCodec.createJPEGEncoder( os );
JPEGEncodeParam jpegEP = JPEGCodec.getDefaultJPEGEncodeParam( image );
jpegEP.setQuality( (float)quality, true );

What is the Difference Between Feature Writing & Story Writing?
by IHateMyJob2004 in Arts & Entertainment
Feature writing and story writing are two types of news story. Both are factual and need to hook in the reader. The journalist will report on either story and will use similar literary devices to structure the piece of writing. However, the perspective and priority of each piece is quite different. PerspectiveThe fundamental difference between feature writing and story writing is that each type

The Difference Between Technical Writing & Expository Writing
by tl1000sv in Education
Just as in face-to-face conversation, writing can be designed to accomplish different tasks or to leave varying effects. It is in this sense that we discover the primary differences between expository and technical writing. Each approaches the audience as well as the information they possess with unique intentions, and the flow and content of their respective content are crafted accordingly. Ex


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