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Xmas Gifts Made From Recycled Xmas Cards
by Tom Arleth in Hobbies, Games & Toys
People increasingly recycle to help make the world greener. Make gifts with cards from last year's Christmas celebrations for family and friends, and give them something unique that will remind them of you. Christmas cards are bright and colorful, or subtle and demure. Choose different motifs for various projects. Organizer BoxUse the box your new Christmas cards came in to make an organizer bo

How to Cut Your Own Xmas Trees
by Hosein Mohtasham in Holidays & Celebrations
Many families associate the month of December with the fresh-cut smell of a Christmas tree. Although purchasing a fresh tree from a supplier is an easy method of obtaining your annual tree, selecting one from a forest is a fun and interesting activity that can quickly become a family tradition. When cutting your own tree, using proper cutting methods will ensure the most uniform appearance for you
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Fun Xmas Gifts
by Floubadour in Culture & Society
Christmas time is a time for food, fun and festivities. Gift-giving can be fun. Make it fun for your special someone by selecting a fun gift for the holidays. Candy is sure to bring a smile to her face. Dinner and karaoke always make a fun gift, especially if you enjoy it together. If your guy is a video game enthusiast, a video game console will be the perfect fun gift. A box of lottery tickets i
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Fun Xmas Games
by Excessi0n in Holidays & Celebrations
'Tis the season for fun Christmas games that everyone can play. Whether you are planning an office party, family party or holiday gathering for friends, be sure to incorporate a few Christmas games that will get everyone involved and in the holiday spirit. Encourage everyone to participate by awarding small Christmas-themed prizes to the winners. Paper GamesPrint Bingo cards with Christmas word
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Xmas Gifts for Men
by Angelo Giannatos in Holidays & Celebrations
It can be difficult purchasing a thoughtful Christmas present for a guy. Sentimental items are appropriate for a guy whom you romantically love. Some guys appreciate activities and gadgets. Buy an item that demonstrates your love and affection for the guy. Sentimental ItemsA sentimental gift can demonstrate your love. Show your guy that you appreciate him by creating a romance board that holds
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Xmas Gag Gifts
by Tmf in Holidays & Celebrations
Christmas still represents a religious and holy celebration for many people for whom gag gifts would be considered distasteful. It's important to be mindful of the recipient's beliefs as well as others in the room that might not appreciate the humor. With that said, Christmas gag gifts can be a lot of fun and add to the laughter of the season. Christmas Gag Stocking StuffersStocking stuffers ar
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Men's Xmas Gifts
by Elcs in Holidays & Celebrations
Give a man in your life a useful or entertaining Christmas gift. Whether you are shopping for your husband, son, father or any other man on your list of people to buy for, surprise him with a gift that suits him. Take into consideration his favorites or give him something that you know he would love but would never spoil himself with.
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DIY Xmas Invitations
by JEDIYoda in Holidays & Celebrations
Falling snowflakes, twinkling Christmas lights and the sound of jingle bells announce the upcoming Christmas holiday. Along with the holiday comes Christmas parties and celebrations of all types. Whether you're hosting a family Christmas gathering, a party for friends or a child's Christmas party, homemade invitations save money and allow you to show off your creativity. ThemesIf your Christmas
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How to Keep a Cat Away From an Xmas Tree
by Jeremy Pinnix in Pets
To you, it's a Christmas tree, complete with carefully-placed decorations. To your cat, it's a sensory delight of sparkling ornaments, twinkling lights, and spreading branches, and it's begging to be explored, and even climbed on. According to the Cats International website, your cat feels both more secure and more dominant when up high. Add to that the almost irresistible lure of the dangling orn

Xmas Gifts for a Mom
by Demo24 in Holidays & Celebrations
Every year at Christmastime it is the same ordeal --- what should you get everyone on your list? Well, when it comes to the most important woman in your life --- mom --- there are many different ideas available. Some of these gifts are practical and useful, while others are heartfelt and touching. Depending on your special relationship with your mom, choose a gift accordingly. Bath CaddyThis gi
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