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How can I get Yahoo OAuth to work when I develop locally when my local domain is not registered with Yahoo?
by Munir in Web Design

I'm working on an app that uses Yahoo OAuth. The OAuth had been working fine but I just registered my domain with Yahoo and now it will not let me use the OAuth when I develop locally because
"Custom port is not allowed or the host is not registered with this consumer key."

The issue is because my call back URL is to a domain that is not registered with Yahoo (http://localhos

How to Make Yahoo Messenger Send Email From Yahoo and Not Outlook Express
by docp in Internet
Yahoo Messenger is a message service run by Yahoo. When you are connected to it, you can add buddies to your list who are other people currently using Yahoo Messenger. When those people are online, you can send them messages and chat with them in real time over your computer. Yahoo messenger has a "mail" option, which allows you to send your messages as emails instead. It is usually set to use Yah

How to Open Yahoo Mail With Windows Internet Explorer From Yahoo Messenger
by Walruz in Internet
Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging program that brings all of the popular features of Yahoo! to one place. This allows the ability for users to swap between features efficiently and quickly. Yahoo! Messenger works hand-in-hand with Yahoo! email to bring users alerts each time new email arrives. By selecting the email indicator, users can automatically navigate to Yahoo! email and view the la

How to Force Yahoo to Not Redirect to Mobile Yahoo on Cell Phones
by tedrodai in Internet
Many websites like Yahoo.com have a mobile version that is optimized for viewing on a PDA or cell phone. A script on the web server detects the device attempting to access the website and reroutes the browser to the appropriate site. The problem with this is that there are now many PDAs and cell phones with browsers and screens that can handle the full version of the Yahoo! website and are still b

How to do a basic query on yahoo search engine using Python without using any yahoo api?
by Furchin in Programming Languages

I want to do a basic query on yahoo search engine from a python script using Beautiful Soup and urllib. I've done the same for Google which was rather easy but Yahoo is proving to be a bit difficult. A minimal example script of a query to yahoo search engine would help. Thank you!

Access Delicious API via Yahoo ID without redirect to Yahoo authorizing page
by Yserbius in Programming Languages

To be more specific:

My delicious account is a Yahoo ID so access via OAuth is required.

It's for my use only to add/remove bookmarks. I have the password.

It's a command line python program, not web-based.

My question is:

Is it possible to access my delicious account without being redirected to a Yahoo OAuth authorization page? Any ex

How embed a Youtube video in an Yahoo Map description box - Yahoo!Pipes
by Insert_Nickname in Web Design

How embed a Youtube video in an Yahoo Map description box (location extractor output) - Yahoo!Pipes

How to Create a New Yahoo! Email Address for Yahoo! Messenger
by Rob in Internet
If you do not want to use your current Yahoo! Email account for Yahoo Messenger, you can create a new one to use specifically for Messenger. You do not have to feel obligated to use the email on the new account, though you will receive messages from Yahoo Messenger with information on changes and friend requests. If you already had Yahoo Messenger and want to start a new account, be sure to write

how to connect to yahoo messenger through yahoo iPhone application?
by Mike Bakalov in Programming Languages

I'm trying to develop an application in iPhone which will connect to various Instant Messenger and currently working to connect to yahoo messenger.
Can anyone help me to find any api or source which will be helpful for me.
Thanks in Adv.

How to Delete Yahoo Messenger Without Deleting the Yahoo Account
by zokudu in Internet
Removing Yahoo! Messenger from your computer does not delete your Yahoo! Account. You can safely uninstall Messenger and still have access to your email, games, and everything else that Yahoo! offers on the web. You will also be able to reinstall Messenger at a later time without having to create a new Yahoo! ID. You are just removing the program, not the entire account.Difficulty:EasyInstructions


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