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What Is the Yin-Yang?
by Vick Aita in Culture & Society
The concept of yin-yang, the two forces that shape and control the universe, is integral to Taoist Chinese philosophy. These two forces represent light and dark, positive and negative, day and night. They exist equal and opposite one another. As a martial arts practitioner, for example, the concept of yin-yang could represent the need for attacking and defending, or using hard and soft styles. The
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Yin Yang Gifts
by Mikebob in Holidays & Celebrations
Showing the perfect balance between polar opposites, the yin yang, is a popular Chinese symbol. Representing how two opposites interact and depend on one another, the yin yang is often a favorite symbol of people who follow Chinese traditions or those who are simply intrigued by the image and what it represents. Home DecorFor those who wish to surround themselves with daily reminders of what th
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The Qualities of Yin & Yang
by ack in Culture & Society
Whether they take the form of tattoos or fashion designs, the Yin and Yang symbols appear in many aspects of modern society. However, Yin and Yang are more than just designs; they represent an important concept of Chinese philosophy, which branches out into the fields of science and martial arts. Together they suggest the idea of two opposite but interdependent forces. Conditions, Seasons and T
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Yin Yang Yo Games
by Super56K in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Yin Yang Yo! is an animated Disney television show that began in 2006 and airs in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. In it, two rabbits, Yin and Yang, are in training under the guidance of panda master Yo to become Woo Foo Knights and save the world from evil. They battle enemies along the way, including evil cockroaches. Disney's website offers free games based on the television sh
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Yin & Yang in Landscaping
by BooTeK in Home & Garden
The Chinese concept of yin and yang is the belief that there are two basic reality aspects within both human activity and nature. These counterparts comprise complementary opposites such as wet and dry, femininity and masculinity or passivity and activity. In terms of landscape the complementary opposites would be natural sunny areas and shady areas. TerminologyA number of terms and phrases app
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What Is Ying-Yang?
by Piriya in Culture & Society
The yin-yang philosophy, often represented by the Tao circle, attempts to explain everything in the universe. Originating from ancient China, yin and yang stands for the two opposing forces that govern the world. The philosophy permeates every discipline in ancient China, including medicine, fortune-telling, history, ethics, music, politics and time. HistoryThe first known mention of yin-yang p
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How to Learn Yang Tai Chi
by Leo in Health
T'ai Chi Ch'uan originated in China over 500 years ago as both a study of yin and yang principles in accordance with Confucian and Taoist ideology, and a martial art that bestows improved physical and mental health. Though there are dozens of variations to the form, but most styles come from one of five groupings: Yang, Wu, Sun, Chen, and Wu/Hao. Much of T'ai Chi's success and availability--online
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Yang Herbs
by licensing in Health
The yin and yang principles form the foundation of Chinese traditional medicine. They are opposite qualities like black and white, night and day, hot and cold, male and female. Chinese medicine categorizes conditions and the herbs used to treat them into yin and yang. A yang deficiency is treated with a yang herb to achieve the yin-yang balance associated with good health. It is advisable to consu
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The Uses of the Yin & Yang Sign
by Matias in Culture & Society
The yin yang sign was first used as the symbol of the Taoist movement. Taoists believe that the entire universe operates in harmony because of the opposition and unity of forces. These forces are represented by the colors and shapes of the yin yang symbol. The yin (representing light) and the yang (representing the darkness) work together to achieve balance. Philosophy and MedicineTraditional
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How to Balance Yin and Yang
by Meghan54 in Health
If you are seeking an alternative or supplement to Western medical treatment modalities, consider those of the Far East. Oriental medicine continues to grow in popularity and be acknowledged with acclaim and respect from the larger global medical community. One of the essential concepts of health and healing with Chinese medicine is the need to maintain balance between yin and yang.Difficulty:Mod
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