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How to Calculate Yardage With a Yardage Book
by techthumb in Sports & Fitness
Yardage books are available from many golf courses to provide detailed information regarding distances for the course. While courses will provide land markers, usually at 200, 150 and 100 yards from the center of the green, yardage books can help you really dial in your shots. Yardage books are also helpful in setting up approach shots, understanding how far you have to carry your shot to avoid a

How to Calculate Yardage
by Gogonez in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Whenever a length is measured in yards, this length is referred to as the object's yardage. The yard has its origins in 11th century England, where it was first established by referring to the arm of King Henry I. Calculating the yardage of an object is complicated by the fact that it often requires the conversion of one or more different units of measurement. Two of the most common things that ar

How to Get Yardage in Football
by Bruce in Sports & Fitness
Gaining yardage is the key to football success. Traditionally, football fields stretch 100 yards. Players do their best to avoid being tackled as they progress up the field. During each offensive series, the team with the ball has four chances to either gain 10 yards or score a touchdown. Every set of yardage gained is important not only to get closer to scoring points, but also to keep opponents
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How to Estimate Carpet Yardage
by digiram in Home & Garden
Before you can go out and purchase the carpet you intend to install in your home, you'll have to find out how much of it you need. Carpet is often sold in square yards, so calculating the square yardage will make the purchase simpler and ensure that you do not buy more or less than you need. Once you have decided on the rooms you wish to cover, you can complete an accurate estimate in just a few m

How Much Yardage to Recover a Sofa?
by Yst in Home & Garden
A couch that's starting to look a little outdated doesn't need to be thrown out if you're adept at sewing. You can revitalize a sofa completely by recovering it. Not only does this allow you to update the look of your sofa, but it also saves you money by extending the life of your original purchase. PatternDeciding how you want to recover the sofa is very important when determining how much yar

How to Calculate Dirt Yardage
by futurefields in Home & Garden
If you need to buy dirt or topsoil to fill in a ditch, level a lawn or create garden beds, the company selling it will probably ask how many yards you want. When professionals talk about yards of dirt, they're referring to cubic yards, so each "yard" is really a cube of dirt measuring 1 yard or 3 feet on each side. You can estimate the yardage you need by measuring the space that you want to fill

How to Figure Material Yardage
by mikieb in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Sewing is a popular and useful hobby. Almost any imaginable outfit or craft can be made in the hands of an experienced sewing enthusiast, although careful planning is necessary for success. The proper amount of fabric is essential no matter what item you are working on, and you should know how much fabric you need before you start sewing. Figuring material yardage is not particularly difficult and

How to Estimate Yardage for Cushions
by Thierry Brunet in Home & Garden
Perhaps you own a set of kitchen chairs that could use a face lift, or the fabric on your sofa cushions is pilling and due for reupholstering. Re-covering the cushions and replacing the filling with fresh batting can completely change the seat's look and comfort level. When estimating yardage, always measure twice and write every measurement down, labeling it clearly so you don't forget what it re

How to Determine Yardage for Drapes
by dlock13 in Home & Garden
Drapes can change the look of a room, adding color and texture to a room that feels otherwise bland and unfinished. Budget decorators with basic sewing skills can save by buying discounted fabric and making their drapes at home. The following instructions will tell you how to determine the amount of fabric (yardage) you will need to purchase to create a simple pocket drapery.Difficulty:Moderately

How Much Yardage for a Pillow Cover?
by frogger9 in Home & Garden
Even the smallest change can make a big difference when decorating your bedroom. Add an inexpensive splash of color by making your own custom pillowcases. Standard 45-inch wide fabric will provide enough material for a matching pair of cases. Buying extra yardage will allow for shrinkage when you pre-wash the fabric. StandardStandard pillowcases measure 20 by 30 inches. By cutting 2 yards

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