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How restrict the year in jquery datepicker?such that it display no year other than current year in database
Category : Programming Languages

How to set jquery.datepick.js to display only the current year in the database?

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mdx query "sales one year vs (one year)-1(year)) show it on months
Category : Coding

i have "ways" called "rutas", every way has sales, i need something as it
i have dimensions called, rutas, productos, i need this was only for productos with id 191
measures.facts i have sales.


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MySQL select specific year or year month rows that have yyyy-mm-dd as the date
Category : Programming Languages

Ok, Im sure this is simple and its just evading me at the moment. But Im searching and I can't find it either, maybe I don't know what Im searching for term wise. Anyway.

I have a table, with rows of posts, and within those rows is a column thats in YYYY-MM-DD format, might be YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS either way. I'm Trying to build a query that will let me sele

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What Is the Equation to Figure the Year-to-Year Percentage Annual Growth in Total Net Sales?
Category : Business
Net sales are equal to gross sales minus returns, allowances and discounts. Customers often return defective, damaged or otherwise unusable products for a full refund. Sometimes they get to keep defective products for an allowance or reduction in the invoice. Discounts are cash incentives for settling credit invoices early. Companies with consistent year-to-year sales growth are usually able to ma

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jquery datepicker returns wrong year when using date format without year part
Category : Programming Languages

I use jquery datepicker (v1.8.20) with the date format set to 'D MM d' which looks like: 'Wed September 12'. When I select different year than the current one from a calendar, the getDate method returns me current year. Moreover, when I open calendar again, both selected day and month are preserved, but the year is changed for the current one. Generally it looks like year is set to current one

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Beginner tips on using plyr to calculate year-over-year change across groups
Category : Programming Languages

I am new to plyr (and R) and looking for a little help to get started. Using the baseball dataset as an exaple, how could I calculate the year-over-year (yoy) change in "at batts" by league and team (lg and team)?

df1 <- aggregate(ab~year+lg+team, FUN=sum, data=baseball)

After doing a little aggregating to simplify the data fame, the da

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Can I Claim Property Taxes in the Year They Come Out of My Escrow Account or the Year They're Paid?
Category : Personal Finance
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax rules allow you to deduct real estate taxes from your income. To be deductible, the taxes must be based on the assessed value of the property, be used for the general public welfare, and be uniformly applied to all property owners in the state, locality or other taxing jurisdiction. But payment-timing rules affect your deduction. Payment TimingIf you include y

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C# Gridview , TableDefinition,type datetime :how to change default mm/dd/year to dd/mm/year?
Category : Programming Languages


By default in Table Definition, the data type: datetime is mm/dd/year .

Is there any method to make it dd/mm/year ? I can do this in the control of the gridview but the database won't accept it since it's not the default format.

Thank you

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Creating a single timestamp from separate DAY OF YEAR, Year and Time columns in R
Category : Programming Languages

I have a time series dataset for several meteorological variables. The time data is logged in three separate columns:

Year (e.g. 2012)
Day of year (e.g. 261 representing 17-September in a Leap Year)
Hrs:Mins (e.g. 1610)

Is there a way I can merge the three columns to create a single timestamp in R? I'm not very familiar with how R deals with the Day of Year variable

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MS Acess SQL - where clause to get year from date based on the year - data located in MS access form
Category : Databases

OK, back again. I have a problem getting a drop down list to populate based on information in two fields.

I have got the SQL correct as to Select just one year if I put DateValue('01/01/2001') in both places, but I am trying now to get it to grab the year data from the MS access form - another drop down named "cboYear".

I'd hate to have to do something in V

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