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What Is Ying-Yang?
by Piriya in Culture & Society
The yin-yang philosophy, often represented by the Tao circle, attempts to explain everything in the universe. Originating from ancient China, yin and yang stands for the two opposing forces that govern the world. The philosophy permeates every discipline in ancient China, including medicine, fortune-telling, history, ethics, music, politics and time. HistoryThe first known mention of yin-yang p
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Ying Yang Tie-Dye Techniques
by chardin in Hobbies, Games & Toys
When it comes to creating your own tie-dye fashions, one of the ways you can go beyond the basics is to incorporate symbols into your designs. The Chinese spiritual symbol of the yin and yang is a fitting tie-in with the ideals of peace associated with the social movements connected to this style of fashion. It's also a simple enough design that you can successfully render it in tie-dye using one

The Meaning of the Ying Yang
by Knoxy in Culture & Society
The yin yang seems to decorate everything from clothing to jewelry. It's an easily identifiable symbol that contains a swirl of black and a swirl of white encasing a circle. Each swirl also contains a speck, or "seed" of the other color. This symbol is an ancient Chinese Taoist symbol, and it has an entire philosophy built around its meaning. PhilosophyTao is believed in Chinese Taoism to be th
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Definition of Ying Yang
by Keoki619 in Culture & Society
Yin-Yang is an ancient Chinese philosophy that examines the existence and interactions of opposing forces in the world. It is represented by the Tai-Chi symbol, a circle with black and white shapes existing in equal proportion inside its outline. Yin-Yang became a popularized concept in the United States during the 1960's, primarily as a result of the hippie movement. Although the philosophy of Yi

How to Make a Ying Yang Landscape Design
by TheVrolok in Home & Garden
When you want the outdoor landscape of your home to reflect an Asian theme, you can create a circular yin and yang feature in your own backyard using decorative black and white stones. The yin and yang symbol represents the ancient Chinese concept, which reminds us that we are at our best when we manage to find the perfect balance of the opposing feminine and masculine energies that are present in

How to Make a Ying and Yang Symbol With a Keyboard
by Martin Dobrev in Computers
The Chinese Taoist symbol known as the Yin Yang represents universal harmony through an equal balance of complimentary pairs, such as light and dark or male and female. The symbol represents the Taoist belief that there is not one individual God, but that everything in existence is God, making us all a part of the same whole. While the symbol itself is relatively easy to draw, putting it into type

How to Make a Ying and Yang Birthday Cake
by rhinojosa in Food & Drink
A yin yang cake is a perfect birthday cake for twins, or for someone who has a passion for martial arts and the far east. While there are many creative ways to make a cake like this, the basic elements are the same. Get as creative with your colors and flavors as you like. Either bake the cakes with a yin-yang cake ring or cut them in the shape of the symbol once the cakes have cooled. Another opt

How to Make Ying Yang on "Black Ops"
by WicKeD in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Call of Duty: Black Ops" is a military game created by Treyarch, available to play on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game allows you to play online against a number of different players. To help you stand out from other players, you can create your own playercard. This is an image that you can create yourself. The image is then placed with your online name for other users to see. If you wish

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