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How to Unlock Yoda on PS3
by CakeMonster in Hobbies, Games & Toys
In the original "SoulCalibur IV" console release, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions came with unique characters. The PS3 let you play as Darth Vader while the Xbox 360 had Yoda as an additional character. PS3 users cannot unlock Yoda by completing the game or accomplishing special tasks. The only way to get Yoda on the PS3 is to purchase the Yoda add-on from the PlayStation Network. Once you purchase
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How to Talk Like Yoda
by Itchrelief in Arts & Entertainment
As one of the most famous characters in the "Star Wars" movies, learning to talk like Yoda can be an amusing feat. His wisdom combined with his adorable appearance makes him a lovable creature that everybody wants to emulate. Add his unusual manner of speaking and you've got the makings of an icon that everybody recognizes. To learn how to talk like Yoda, though, there are some things to
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How to Make a Yoda Centerpiece
by acheron in Holidays & Celebrations
Make your Star Wars party memorable with a handmade Yoda centerpiece. Whether you're serving dinner and dessert during a movie marathon or celebrating a birthday, this cute, cuddly wise guy will impress guests who foster a love for everything galactic. With a few simple decorative staples, you can assemble a Yoda-inspired centerpiece in a small amount of time.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things

How to Make a Ghost Yoda
by errornosignal in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away -- or the 1970s, as most people call it -- the "Star Wars" saga begun. Yoda, the powerful jedi master, might have been absent from the original film, but he appeared in the remaining five and became one of the most popular characters in this movie series. His defining characteristic is his strange syntax. He often arranges his words in an unnatural order. Y
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How to Make a Yoda Puppet
by gamefreakgcb in Hobbies, Games & Toys
In the fictional "Star Wars" universe, Yoda is an ancient and wise character who teaches other characters the ways of the Jedi. Yoda appears in five of the "Star Wars" movies. Visually, Yoda is a fairly simple character; he is green and dresses in a simple brown robe. To make a Yoda puppet you don't need to be crafty, you need only the ability to cut and paste.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Th
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Yoda Costume Ideas
by Rob Archer in Holidays & Celebrations
Yoda first appeared in the second "Star Wars" film, "Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back," released in 1980. Yoda carries the title of Jedi Master and is hundreds of years old. Since Yoda's first appearance in the series, his presence has remained prominent. Yoda's green image provides a recognizable characterization. Numerous possibilities exist for creating a Yoda costume for Halloween or other e
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How to Make a Yoda Costume
by hondaf17 in Holidays & Celebrations
As one of the most colorful characters of the "Star Wars" movies, Yoda has proven a popular choice for costumes. Making a Yoda costume at home is both easy and inexpensive.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Light green hooded sweatshirt
Sewing machine
1-2 yards natural-colored material
Green body paint

Cut out the ears. Yoda's

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Yoda Camp Games
by clubbedseal in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Perhaps no other character in the Star Wars universe is more revered than the Jedi Master Yoda. This little green sage has for decades dazzled the imaginations of young and old Star Wars fans alike. Planning camp games around this character is a great way for counselors and campers to bond. To keep them interesting, games should highlight particular Jedi powers and situations from the movies. D
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How to Make Yoda Curtains
by ec888 in Home & Garden
The popular "Star Wars" saga character Yoda has graced bed linens, clothing and fabric. Fabric sold by the yard featuring Yoda is hard to find, as the Lucas-licensed cloth has been discontinued. The best sources of Yoda fabric are flat bed sheets or vintage fabric purchased online from fabric sellers or online auctions. Yoda always appears on fabric and sheets with a plethora of other characters m
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Dress Up Yoda Games
by luv2liv in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Emerald Angel Entertainment has a large collection of Flash animated dress-up games, but one of the most popular is "Dress Up Yoda." Featuring the famous character from "Star Wars," the game allows players to drag and drop all kinds of clothing onto Yoda and hear his reaction. Although many sites claim to have sequels or alternate versions, there is only one official "Dress Up Yoda" game. Acces
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