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How to Compare Power Yoga to Ashtanga Yoga
by KM. in Sports & Fitness
Ashtanga yoga is an ancient practice comprised of six different series of poses, which when followed in order allow each practitioner to progress in strength, flexibility and spiritually awareness at his own pace. Although based on the poses done in Ashtanga yoga, power yoga has been introduced to Western practitioners as a more vigorous and fitness-based program without a definite spiritual incli

How to Organize a Yoga Workshopas a Yoga Teacher
by sirjoekcb in Careers & Job Searching
If you have been teaching yoga for at least a few years and are very comfortable doing all that it entails: safe choreography of the asanas (poses) and establishing a regular following of students, consider organizing a workshop.Be certain you are not teaching or presenting anything that you have just only recently learned or incorporated into your own practice. Present only ideas and ways of prac

How to Do Standing Yoga Mudra with a Yoga Strap
by MovingSpotlight in Sports & Fitness
Standing yoga mudra pose is a forward bending posture that helps to stretch and open the shoulders. It is a deep stretch that requires a certain level of flexibility on the shoulder joint. If you shoulders are very tight you may have difficulty going deep enough into the posture to gain a benefit. Using a yoga strap can help you go further into this stretch and loosen the shoulders.Difficulty:Easy

How to Become a Yoga Instructor through the Yoga Alliance
by Rhoxed in Careers & Job Searching
Yoga is a popular form of exercise. It can be used to increase flexibility, strength, and recover from injury. Becoming a yoga instructor takes time, discipline, and a passion for yoga and all that it can do for others.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Yoga mat
Yoga blocks
Yoga classes
Yoga Alliance registered school

How to Use Yoga Straps to Stretch in Yoga
by Wes in Health
Yoga straps are considered "yoga props." Yoga props (like straps, blocks and blankets) are designed to enhance the yoga practice. They allow beginning yogis to move into deeper stretches and help them with more difficult poses. For seasoned yogis, yoga straps help students perfect poses and help improve alignment and form. If you don't have a yoga strap, you can also use a long, sturdy towel. J

How to Understand Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga
by xetrill in Sports & Fitness
There are two types of "hot" yoga: Bikram Yoga and individualized yoga routines performed in a heated room. This article deals with Bikram Yoga, a specialized yoga routine developed by Bikram Choudhury.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Know that Bikram Yoga is a 90-minute hatha yoga routine intended to detox the body and improve strength and vitality. It is performed in a room that's been heated to a

DIY Yoga Bag
by Fezlakk in Sports & Fitness
Yoga has become one of the more popular fitness practices in Western culture. A fundamental necessity to any yoga practice is the yoga mat. As the dedicated surface for performing yoga stretches and poses, a yoga mat must withstand rigorous and frequent use. Pouches and bags are available for purchase to protect this necessary piece of equipment. Fortunately, it is easy to make your own yoga bag a
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How to Sew a Yoga Bag
by Rick James Astley in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Yoga mats are awkward to carry and difficult to store. They tend to come unrolled, taking up extra space in your car or closet. A yoga bag, made to fit your mat, solves both of these problems. Yoga bags have a cute shape, like a quiver for arrows. The bag's long strap enables you to sling it across your back, like a quiver, so you hardly notice you are carrying it. Sew your own yoga bag using canv
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How to Eat Before Yoga
by Munir in Sports & Fitness
Ideally, you should practice yoga on an empty stomach. But since that isn’t always in the cards—you may be practicing after work, in between classes, before you pick up the kids, after your evening meal—there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re putting something into your stomach.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Time it right. If you’re eating a light meal
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DIY Yoga Mat Bag
by RoBo in Sports & Fitness
Yoga is designed to lead you into a deeper and more meaningful relationship with yourself, but for all its spirituality, you still need material things such as yoga pants and yoga mats. Yoga mat bags are a great way to transport those sometimes awkward yoga mats to and from the studio. One problem with yoga accessories, however, is that they can be expensive. Making your own yoga mat bag can be an
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