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Making Youtube Stop Playing When Popover Is Dismissed, Or Using Javascript Youtube Controls
by Justin Chen in Javascript

So I've run into some problems implementing YouTube videos in popovers. I can get the YouTube video to play just fine, but when the user clicks off the popover (destroying it), the sound continues playing. My solution for this was to have the webview that was displaying the youtube video load a blank html string in the viewDidDisappear method, and this works great.


Is “begin” param dead in Youtube's *.c.youtube.com/videoplayback?
by JoeKaras in Web Design

I tested Youtube video download with begin param using ytdl, and realized that it's not working properly. Below is an URL with begin param. (It won't work on your side because it's session-IP address based.)


looking for youtube api tutorials or assistance to make a Phone 7 Youtube Compainion Application
by J.W. Mosley in Development Tools & Services

I am new to phone 7 development and I am looking to make an app that will do this. I want to make a small simple app that has my channel as primary subscription to monitor for new videos, comments etc. (also have a live panel that has a count of new videos uploaded) and then open up in the default player to watch it.

I also want to have the availability to also add others into a sec

Handling duplicate Youtube video upload, using YouTube API v3 Dotnet client
by KaoFloppy in Development Tools & Services

First of all let me say that I am not asking "how to check a status of a previously uploaded video". My question is about getting the status of a video from the response of an upload. I am using the dotnet client and right after an upload is completed the response is a Google.Apis.Youtube.v3.Data.Video object. That object has a property called Status that contains the

Controlling playback of multiple Youtube Videos with the Youtube JS api (playing at the same time)
by mikieb in Web Design

I know that there's a very similar topic for this question, however I'm trying to do something a little different.
all of this is a little new for me... sorry...

Basically I'm trying to play multiple YouTube Videos in one page at the same time (mash up style) using YouTube API and JS
the thing is i want to control each of them separately, while they all playing. i found th

Ominiauth Youtube Login - Redirect to create youtube channel on 401 nolinkedoutubeaccount
by Ingo in Programming Languages

I am using omniauth youtube and google oauth2 gems for loggin in via youtube. This all works fine but on the condition that the user has already created a youtube channel with the account their are trying to log in with.

When the user tries to log in and authorize without a youtube channel created it errors out with the following message:


Can I upload a video to Youtube using OpenId + OAuth in behalf of a user which does not have a youtube account but gmail?
by DaveF in Programming Languages

I need to develop a web site where I upload videos using the youtube API.
I cannot do it to my youtube account (see youtube terms for an explantion on that) so it need to be done in the user behalf.

It would be great to avoid the user having to register to youtube.
If I use OpenID + OAuth within the youtube API, can a gmail account or other OpenID account be enough ?

Play YouTube video on mobile site without redirecting to YouTube app
by Virginia in Operating Systems

I am creating a mobile web site and would like to show a small (88px by 50px) YouTube thumbnail that, when clicked, plays the video in fullscreen and returns them to the webpage. It should work in iOS and Android.

My first approach was to use <a href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0>...</a>. However, on iOS, the user is redirected to the YouTube app,

Fetching timestamps (hh:mm:ss) from Youtube comments with Youtube API using regex in JavaScript
by nishar7 in Javascript

I am analyzing timestamped YouTube comments. Because some comments may refer to a period in either mm:ss, m:ss, hh:mm:ss, or h:mm:ss, I need to prepare for these cases. The following code works on mm:ss and m:ss, but still treats the one with hours as if it was mm:ss. For example, 02:24:30 returns 144, as it is only analyzing the first two parts. Here is the code:

var timePattern

Android 2.2/2.3 doesn't load YouTube videos on the YouTube app from a WebView
by dante in Programming Languages

I know that this question has been answered many times, but I still can't get it to work on Android 2.2 nor 2.3.

I am developing an app which is composed of tabs. One of those tabs loads the mobile version of YouTube inside a WebView. So far so good.

The problem is that the videos don't play inside a WebView, so I'm using the YouTube app as here is suggested. Great! It w

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