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The Specifications of an HP Pavilion ZX5000
by mg. in Computers
The HP Pavilion ZX5000 from Hewlett Packard was designed to be a workhorse laptop, with some of the most high-end hardware available at the time. If looking to purchase one of these older machines, it is important to look at the hardware specs to see if the machine can run the updated programs being used today. ProcessorThe HP Pavilion ZX5000 features a 3.06GHz Pentium 4 processor, a 90-nanomet

How to Replace an HP ZX5000 Laptop Keyboard
by qba73 in Computers
Every day, computers are in need of upgrading and repair. Luckily, the companies that make these machines built them with this in mind. Laptop keyboards aren't always built for durability, and they can often break or lose keyboard buttons. The HP ZX5000 keyboard is no exception, but luckily, the HP Pavilion keyboard is only $25 at some online stores. Either way, it will need to be eventually repla

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