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Line not visible in zedgraph - How to create overlapping filled line graphs using zedgraph such that all the curves and their fills are visible?
Category : Programming Languages

I am creating a line graph using zedgraph which contains multiple lines and all of them are filled with labels displaying the data points. There are times when one of the lines is not visible at all but only the data point labels for that line are visible. I think this happens when the data is such that one line completely envelopes the other in terms of area covered and the order of rendering

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C# graphing with ZedGraph
Category : Programming Languages

Is it possible to select a point and simply delete it off the graph so that the image can be saved without that point?

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Evolve a Graph ZedGraph
Category : Programming Languages

I have a method that returns the PointPairList of a graph at time t, but I want to use it to plot a "moving" graph, by "moving" I mean the graph should evolve in time, does anyone have any clue on how I can do this.I tried using RollingPointPairList's but it just doesn't work.

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Draw a Graph in C# using zedGraph
Category : C & C++ & C#

I need to create a graph that have the following properties:
The X Axis is for schools names.
The Y Axis is for classes names.
In Point (x,y) I need to put a dot that it's color will represent the number of students (darker means more students).
I'm using ZedGraph (using that sample: http://zedgraph.org/wiki/index.php?title=Gradient-By-Value_Demo), but I don't know how to put th

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Comparison between MS Charts and ZedGraph?
Category : Programming Languages

Question: Anybody has experience with ZedGraph / MS-Chart controls ?
I am thinking about which to use ?
Basically, I have a tendency to ZedGraph,

because I need .NET framework 2.0 while MS-Chart is 3.5 (and I don't know how well a 3.5 assembly works on 2.0)

and because I could use it privately, too (I use Linux privately).

But I don't know if MS-

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Problem with ZedGraph control
Category : Programming Languages

I have a big problem with the ZedGraph control. It doesn't respond to invalidate through a background worker, and I'm using invoke. What can I do?

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Positioning an ImageObj in ZedGraph
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using ZedGraph to plot some data. I need to show marked areas of the line graph. To do that, I use a red exclamation point.

I'd like the exclamation point to appear above the top border of the chart, as in the picture below. The exclamation point should scroll with the horizontal scrolling of the chart, but should remain fixed above the top border of the chart even when scr

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How to set autosize font in zedgraph
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using ZedGraph in my c# project.

My X axis has text labels (used for bar chart), but with the default setting of XAxis.Scale.IsPreventLabelOverlap = true every second label is missing. When I change it to false with XAxis.Scale.MajorStep = 1 every label is shown, but font size remains the same, and labels overlap.

Is there any w

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Lock axis in ZedGraph
Category : Programming Languages

I've used ZedGraph to plot data from several sources with a single click. I need the Y-axes to always have the same max and min-values for each plot. I need this to be able to see changes between datasets as I flip through them. In my case, it would not make sense to plot data from several sources in one graph.

I've tried to set axis properties like this:


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Line in chaos when using Zedgraph
Category : Programming Languages

I draw a line in a zedgraph pane, but sometimes it will be like this:

while it should be:

i can't find anything wrong from my code, anyone know how to solve this, thanks very much!

here is part of my code:

MasterPane master = zdg_stock.MasterPane;
var stockValueList = new PointPairList();

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