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About Zermatt
by gorcorps in Travel
Zermatt is located in south-central Switzerland, about six miles from the Italian border. The town of approximately 6,000 residents sits at the base of the Matterhorn (a dramatic mountain best known as a ride at Disneyland) and has been a popular ski resort since the late 19th century. GeographyZermatt sits at 5,315 feet in a alpine valley at the base of several mountains.
HistoryZermatt, or
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Elite Hotel in Zermatt Switzerland
by danielsdesk in Travel
The Elite Hotel is a three-star hotel located in the center of Zermatt, Switzerland, a village at the 5,315 foot altitude of Switzerland's highest peak. Zermatt is in the German-speaking section of Switzerland. AmenitiesThe Elite Hotel has a full-service restaurant; five pool tables; an Internet cafe with 11 work stations with printers, webcams, and Skype; a wellness spa with two saunas and res

Discount Hotels Around Zermatt in Utah
by Nulq in Travel
Heber Valley is a high valley situated in Utah's Wasatch Mountains, surrounded by towering peaks, and home to the city of Midway. Settled by Swiss emigrants, the European influence is still seen in Midway's architecture and town celebrations. The Zermatt Resort is a Swiss-style resort in Midway and there are several other lodging options in the area close by that give visitors additional, more aff

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