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How to assign a calendar to a user's Zimbra acount with Zimbra's SOAP API
by Rakewell in Programming Languages

I searched the Zimbra SOAP API but could not find a way, is that possible to assign a Calendar to a user with a SOAP calls?

Building Zimbra
by git in Development Tools & Services

I want to know why in the Zimbra Wiki only specific platforms are listed for build process. This means that building Zimbra on other for example Linux distributions is impossible?
What is the real reason behind the choice of a special Linux distribution for building Zimbra by the Zimbra community?

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Getting started with Zimbra API
by Rob Archer in Programming Languages

I am wondering how I can go about using the Zimbra API. I have looked everywhere for an API, and I have found no good references/tutorials about it.

I have a web application that I have developed in Ruby on Rails that I would like to communicate to Zimbra in order to fetch the calendar items to put in my own Calendar interface from within my application.

Can I do this

How to Uninstall Zimbra
by nchaimov in Computers
Zimbra is groupware software for Microsoft released in 2007 and subsequently purchased by VMWare. Zimbra offers organization solutions for e-mail, calendar and document sharing and is designed to be ideal for office and interpersonal use. You can efficiently coordinate meetings and organize correspondence with Zimbra. However, if you are unsatisfied with Zimbra and are looking elsewhere for your o
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What Is Zimbra Proxy?
by mitry in Internet
Zimbra, part of VMWare Inc., is a company that produces mail handling systems. The company operates a mail server upon which its clients have accounts. The Zimbra network is guarded by a proxy called the "Zimbra proxy." FunctionMost personal computer users have a mail client. This client accesses the email stored on the mail server awaiting delivery. The client communicates with the proxy, such
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How to Configure Zimbra on the iPhone
by Will in Electronics
Zimbra is a personal and business application that organizes emails, instant message conversations and documents by syncing information on all computers and devices configured with the software. The software also syncs calendars and can be used on your iPhone using the phone's Exchange account setup. Exchange ActiveSync on the iPhones reduces the stress of configuring your Zimbra account by provid

add Fields in zimbra mail
by Keoki619 in Programming Languages

I want to ask for designation and department to user in zimbra mail server. How can I add designation and department fields to zimbra mail server user account fields ?

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How do I Manage Contacts in Zimbra?
by ertuzio in Computers
Zimbra is an open-source email and collaboration software solution. This software provides traditional email, shared calendering tools, shared address books, document management and more. It comes with a simple-to-use, web-based interface, which allows users to access their accounts from any computer with a web browser. There are commercial and community editions of Zimbra. The commercial editions

How to Connect Zimbra to an iPhone
by Gurpreet Singh in Electronics
Zimbra is an open-source enterprise mail, contact and calendar suite. Zimbra is similar to Microsoft Exchange, offering a constant sync of your information across devices. Connecting your Zimbra account to your iPhone is simply a matter of entering the proper information. The Zimbra account is entered as "Microsoft Exchange" account within the iPhone's Settings.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructio

How to Migrate GroupWise to Zimbra
by Flapdrol1337 in Internet
If you used GroupWise to manage your network's email, you do not have to manually move all of the emails once you start using Zimbra. You can use Zimbra's Migration Wizard to handle the process automatically. As part of the process you can choose which email addresses to migrate and which folders you want to migrate with them.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need

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