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What Is Zipping?
by Chunkee in Computers
Zipping is a term often used to refer to compressing digital files, made popular by the WinZip application (which saves archives with a .zip extension). There are a number of freeware and commercial programs that can "zip" up files. How It WorksZipping applications use a variety of techniques to compress files, but on a basic level they look for patterns in files that can be abbreviated (much a
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What Is Zipping Files?
by facebook-opengraph in Computers
Zipping a computer file compresses the file's data to reduce the file size. By reducing extraneous data in a set pattern, a zip file can shrink the data down and later recover it without loss. This allows easy transportation of large files by disc or email. Zip files are compatible natively with all Windows operating systems since XP as well as the Mac OS X, though third-party zipping programs add
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What Is Zipping a File?
by krismolendyke in Computers
You may have heard the term "zip the file" and wonder what that means. Maybe it means send it quickly as in "zip that on over to me." Although that may be the case, large files aren't going to "zip" anywhere without being compressed. Zipping a file means compressing it. File CompressionCompression literally means to press or squeeze together, so compressing a file makes it smaller. Compression
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Gzip not zipping all CSS & JS
by zclin in Programming Languages

My hosting provider does not use htaccess to enable gzip. Their support told me to change my HTML file to PHP and add the following at the top:

<?php ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); ?>

However, after using gzipWTF to find out if my site is making full use of gzip, there are a number of assets listed - save only 3 - that are not being gzipped.

If y

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The Advantages of Zipping Files
by nchaimov in Computers
The process of "zipping" a file refers to putting it into an archive format such as "ZIP." This compresses the file, making it smaller. You can compress several files into a single ZIP archive, making them easier to store and transfer over email as the files are smaller, and they can be moved by just moving that one ZIP file. If you need to move many files, or very large ones, then zipping them ma

How to keep the dictionary in order after zipping
by witeken in Programming Languages

Dictionary keeps the order correctly when there are around 1,2 or 3 elements only

>>> a = ["dorian", "strawberry", "apple"]
>>> b = ["sweet", "delicious", "tasty"]
>>> c = dict(zip(a, b))
>>> c
{'dorian': 'sweet', 'strawberry': 'delicious', 'apple': 'tasty'}

But when there are over 3 elements, the order

Paperclip + S3 massive zipping
by Paul J Warner in Programming Languages

If you got Paperclip + AWS S3 working in your rails 3 application and you want to zip attachments related to a model how to proceed?

How to Plan a Zipping Adventure
by beginner99 in Travel
Soaring high above the treetops gives you a distinctive perspective that most people never get to experience. From the jungles of Jamaica to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, zipping adventures, more commonly known as zip line tours, are found throughout the world. There are several things to keep in mind when planning your adventure. Once the planning is done, show up for the ride of your life.Dif

Can I accelerate the zipping speed?
by textmate in Programming Languages

Well I was looking to my current zipping code and then I came up with the question, is there any way that I can make it zip faster? I used this code: Zip Code I changed the Buffer to a bigger number, but nothing changed.

Batch zipping through subdirectories
by Bernhard in Web Design

I have thousands of file pairs that I need zipped into archives. Currently, each file pair (*.mp3 & *.cdg) have the same name (aside from the extension). Each of the file pairs reside in sub-directories inside the primary directory. I want to leave each archive in the same sub-directory that the file pair was already. I currently am using the following cmd command, but it creates the ar

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