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About Zoology
by Delaware in Careers & Job Searching
Zoology is the scientific study of animals. Zoology is actually a branch of biology. There are several branches of zoology that are specialized fields within the realm of zoology. The field of zoology was established in German and Britain universities although the study of animals has been around for a much longer period in history. Such renowned names as Charles Darwin and even Aristotle have con
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Careers in Zoology
by boobytrapped in Careers & Job Searching
if you like animals and being outdoors, zoology might be the perfect career for you. Careers in zoology can be found all over the world, and some involve traveling. Here are some career opportunities that come with a zoology degree. EducatorMany zoologists become educators in colleges and universities, or they become teachers at parks and wildlife preserves, where they are in charge of program
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Tools Used in Zoology
by whatintheworldisthat in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Zoology is the study of species that belong to the animal kingdom. Zoologists study the structure, physiology, evolution, scientific classification and behavior of animals. Zoologists normally specialize in a single group of animals, like fish, snakes and mammals. Zoologists use different tools to study animals. Magnifying GlassA magnifying glass is a convex lens used magnify objects. Magnifyi
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Zoology Degrees
by unfool in Education
Zoology degree programs can be found in the science and veterinary departments of colleges and universities, but there are also special zoology colleges where students can specialize in a certain field of research. Zoologists study animals, their behavior and habitats, development of certain species and the interaction between animals and their environment. Degree studies can focus on conservation
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Zoology Experiments
by amelim in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Animals fascinate most people. Zoology comprises the study of all animals. This includes single-cell animals, insects, reptiles, birds, fish and mammals. While this topic requires some study, hands-on experiments bring zoological topics to life. Students explore the life cycles and abilities of many different kinds of creatures. It is vital to keep the animal's health and safety in mind when desig

Lab Ideas for Zoology
by Damien in Education
Most children find animals fascinating, so it is not very difficult to get them interested in zoology experiments. Experiments in zoology can be formulated to cover different aspects such as the growth, development, behavior and life cycle of fish, insects and animals. At the elementary grade level, you can expose children to simple projects that involve growing worms and mosquito larvae. Besides
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Courses in Zoology
by Mariocki in Education
Students enrolled in a zoology program study animal life and are concerned with the function and structure of animal bodies. The courses in the program focus on an animal's interaction within and outside the species, and with humans in natural and controlled settings. Opportunities are also available to learn how different animal species live and how traits are passed from generation to generation
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The Different Fields of Zoology
by boonchew in Education
In general terms, zoology is a branch of biology that involves the study of animals and animal life. Modern zoology, however, is a discipline made up of numerous individual fields of study, and keeping track of those fields can be difficult. Zoology can be broken up into two main categories, into which the individual fields of study fall: taxonomic studies and process studies. Taxonomic Studi

What Skills Do You Need for Zoology?
by bikefixxer in Careers & Job Searching
If you're an animal lover, you might be considering a career as a zoologist. A zoologist is a scientist who studies animal behavior, physiology, classification, genetics and evolution. With a bachelor's degree in zoology you can work as a research assistant or a teacher; with a master's or doctoral degree you can work as an independent researcher. Research SkillsA large portion of a zoologist's

How to Learn Zoology
by manivel in Education
Most people love going to the zoo and encountering all sorts of new species. Some will seek a more in-depth knowledge of animals after the experience of visiting a zoo, or from a passion born in childhood. The field of zoology -- the study of animals and their importance to our world -- presents a wide range of inquiry.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Research zoology sites on line. There
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