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d3.js scatter plot - zoom/drag boundaries, zoom buttons, reset zoom, calculate median
by mikieb in Web Design

I've built a d3.js scatter plot with zoom/pan functionality. You can see the full thing here (click 'Open in a new window' to see the whole thing):

There are a couple of features that I've been unable to figure out, that I'd love a hand with it if someone can point me in the right direction:

I want to apply X/Y zoom/pan boundarie

Custom Zoom imageview zoom function not working at scaletype center inside
by maximumbob in Programming Languages

I am using TouchImageview custom imageview class has used for pich zoom images and it's working perfectly but,when i am set Touchimageview scale type to center inside it's not working pinch zoom can any one help me i want to zoom image with scale type center inside!

Here's my custom imageview class code:

public class TouchImageView extends ImageView {

Google maps zoom, need to zoom near marker which is not happening instead its zooming to center point
by OutOfBrain in Web Design

i am trying to zoom my google map to a place where i push a marker on to the map.... but if i increase the zoom value in map it is zooming to the center point of map instead of the place where marker is placed... so can u please let me know... where am i going wrong... !! i tried many ways like map.setzoom and all to increase zoom near place where i push marker but its zooming to center point..

How to adjust middle level zoom (for instance zoom = 9.5) inside the get_map() function
by Bong Munoz in Programming Languages

I will be grateful if somebody can help me. I want to create a map by the help of ggmap. My problem is that the specific zooms are defined for the function "get_map ()”. It means that I can take a map of the size:

get_map ( … , zoom = 10, …)


get_map ( … , zoom = 9, …)

But I want a map at the between level. I mean a map at the size of

How can i swipe zoom in & zoom out in KendoUI Line Chart for iPhone Application?
by lwl_seu in Operating Systems

I want to use KendoUI Line chart for iPhone application.

Can anybody help me how to implement zoom in/out functionality?

Android WebView use setWideViewPort, disable double-tap zoom but keep pinch zoom?
by Toetee in Programming Languages

I am using this code and it works exactly as I want. But I have to implemented another feature on double tap and would like to disable the double tap zooming (but keeping the pinch zoom feature).


How do i Zoom-In the Jquery Portlet in click of “zoom-in” icon?
by Caveman in Programming Languages

I have searched the forums and did not find any post relevant to my problem so I am posting my query.
I have Four Jquery Portlets on my page.What I want to do is zoom-in a portlet on click of "Zoom-in" icon that will overshadow all other contents of page and zoom-out on click of "close" button.
I have tried out jQuery "animate()" function. That does not work for me.
Can anybody p

jQuery Plugin to simulate browser page zoom/text zoom?
by Pierre LeBoo in Programming Languages

I am looking for a jquery plugin to do text zoom / page zoom effect (like FF 3 ctrl++/ctrl--), which can...

resize the text with different font size setting (i.e. text zoom / page zoom)

work with complex HTML+CSS structure

Any recommendation here?

Apple Script to Zoom every active worksheet to required zoom level
by Tridnewly in Development Tools & Services

I have a workbook with many worksheets. Each time when I switch to a worksheet, I have to zoom it to 150 so as to get the texts visible properly. I want the apple script to do it for me. I use Mac Book Air with Excel 11.

How to implement Zoom-in and Zoom-Out with Core-Plot line chart on iPhone?
by Ian McKellar in Mobile Programming

Is it possible to implement Zoom-in and Zoom-Out with Core-Plot Chart component on iPhone? If so please suggest me how to do it?

Thanks in advance.

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