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How does Facebook photo zooming work when zooming high res image?
by camt in Mobile Programming

The Facebook iPhone app loads the low res images first and then it loads up the high res in the background and it gets better when the image loads. What is the process in doing something like this?

HTML/CSS: how can I make the checkboxes grow when zooming in and shrink when zooming out?
by Stuka in Web Design

I have this simple code for testing:

<style type="text/css">
<li><input type="checkbox" id="c1" class="checkBo

Not zooming the DIV element while zooming the page
by znotdead in Web Design

While zooming the Web Page the DIV element will not Zoom, but the component placed inside the DIV is zooming and go out side of the DIV. Here I created a test fiddle test fiddle. Please help me to resolve this issue.

How to add zooming functionality in OSM Map
by highland145 in Programming Languages

I have an OSM Map.... I want to click on the map by finger and draw a pin on that point as a POI(Point Of Interest)...??? It is also possible to show multiple pointer markers at the same.Time i.e. When user click on a location... a pin is dropped.. and now user touch a differen location on map.Please help me to do this

iOS UIScrollView zooming
by DaveStall in Operating Systems

I have a UIScrollView with zooming. After pinching for example, it takes times for the view to settle. During this settling period, I cannot do any other zooming interactions and the view just ignores them. I don't mind the settling delay, but is there a way to make the view always responsive?

Why Does My Webcam Keep Zooming?
by Julian Ivanov in Computers
Although a zooming webcam may seem alarming, it is not an unusual occurrence. Users on support forums across both Mac and PC platforms have reported similar problems. When your webcam zooms out of your control, it can make it difficult to chat or take still photos effectively. Fortunately, the problem is usually easy to fix without much time or technical skill. Webcam SettingsMany webcams have

How to zooming whole gallery?
by tedrodai in Programming Languages

I try to display images with gallery view and it works fine, now I would like to add a zoom but the WHOLE gallery, not selected image.

The point is that all images are expanded and increased spacing between them.

How to do it?

Gap between div when zooming in different navigators
by rjbsmith in Programming Languages

I cant get rid of the gaps between divs when i scale or zoom the web page. In firefox it works like a charm, but when i try i IE9 1px row appears down, but nowhere else. If i try with safari, at "real size" or 100% zoom, it works, but as soon as I change the zoom, increment or decrement, i mean, zoom in or zoom out tons of rows appear. With Chrome is the same; 100% is ok, 110% is bad, 115% gets

2D rendering and zooming in with SVG
by Ertaz in Web Design

My task is to develop an algorithm that fits different kinds of curves onto a given point-sequence in 2 dimensional space.

To be able to test my algorithm, I have chosen SVG to display the result. I have several problems with it.

As there may be very different inputs and outputs of my algorithm, it is essential that I could view the generated SVG files with the ability t

ExternalInterface & zooming, oh my!
by l2ez4m in Programming Languages

In my application, I have a call to an externalinterface to open a separate browser in a new window:

As you can see, I open a separate browser w/ width of 700 and height of 500. Now, if we interact w/ that popup window and zoom in and/or zoom out everything is fine. You close the popup & close out of the main application. All fine until now.

The problem happens when


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